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Erik Penton's "Sk8 Skates" Part

Putting on for Winnipeg’s Sk8 Skates shop, Erik hunts down Canada’s biggest rails and brings a blast of precision bank heists before his final statement at Staples. Wow..

  • Toby Ryan's REAL Premiere Photos

    Toby Ryan's REAL Premiere Photos
    From the park to the premiere, Toby's homies and teammates trekked out to Vista for a packed day that even the Birdman couldn't miss.   
  • Skateline: 01.02.2024

    Skateline: 01.02.2024
    On the first show of the New Year, Gary chops up Issei Morri's Wasted Youth part, Erik Penton's Sk8 Skates part, Blake Norris' Full Volume part, Late Nite Stars' The Circle video and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • Sk8 Skates' "DEAN" Video

    Sk8 Skates' "DEAN" Video
    Hyped-up homies, hard slams and a flood of solid clips from the heart of Winnipeg, this crew from up North gets it right.  
  • The “Stone Cold” Video

    The “Stone Cold” Video
    Holding it down since 1987, Sk8 Skates in Winnipeg drops a full-length in memory of Tyson Hobson. Directed by Kian Smeall.