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Firing Line: Jordan Trahan

A fat snap followed by a tech mind-melter. Quick, two-trick lines can pack a big punch.

  • Chocolate Skateboards x RYOT

    Chocolate Skateboards x RYOT
    Carl Aikens, Erik Herrera and Jordan Trahan light up Florida for Chocolate and RYOT. 
  • New Balance's "NM440 Skateshop Day" Video

    New Balance's "NM440 Skateshop Day" Video
    Jordan Trahan and Philly Santosuosso from Humidity rap about shop culture and show off the new NB Numeric shoe.
  • Plazacation: Stalin Square

    Plazacation: Stalin Square
    Fighting to preserve Prague’s skate paradise, Marek Zaprazny pushes out lines and petitions with passion while Deedz, Youness, Trahan and more show up in support. Skaters will change the world.
  • Dime Street Challenge 2019: Live at Olympic Stadium

    Dime Street Challenge 2019: Live at Olympic Stadium
    With Tokyo 2020 looming, it’s easy to feel like skateboarding is getting too serious. Need some relief? Spend the next nine minutes watching the Dime Street Challenge in Montreal. Ahhh… that’s more like it.
  • Firing Line: Felipe Nunes

    Firing Line: Felipe Nunes
    Skateboarding is the best and Felipe is inspiring. This is 100% pure STOKE.