Independent's "Gotta Pray to Play" Premiere Photos

Independent Trucks premiered their new video Gotta Pray to Play in San Diego at Culture Brewing Co. We decided to put the word out for a low key session at the Ocean Beach skatepark with a bbq and some beverages. A skate session before a video? Why not. A heavy session went down with the likes of Dressen, Hitz, Marius, Townley, Nora, Nicole Hause, Lefty, Remillard, Clive, Omar and a bunch of locals until dark then we all rallied over to Culture for the video. The place was packed with skaters, a huge raffle of Indy and Thrasher goods was hosted by none other than Omar Hassan. Thanks to everyone who came out! –Rhino

1 750pxEric Dressen always down for a skate session

2 750pxWelcome to OB, Townley and Nora

3 750pxClive kick flip over the pyramid

4 750pxClive and his skate buddy Toby

5 750pxNora, bluntslide

6 750pxLefty’s home turf and it showed

7 750pxLefty and Omar double up, liplsides around the horn

8 750pxWes Kremer tail grab over the hip on some familiar terrain

9 750pxRyan Townley floats a big 360 flip

10 750pxMilton Martinez and his daughter made it to the premier

11 750pxDolan Stearns and Madison

12 750pxSk8mafia 4 Life!

13 750pxTight crew!

14 750pxLarbage

15 750px
16 750pxPacked house at Culture Brewing Co.

17 750pxPrints from the trip were given out after the premier

18 750px
19 750pxWes got in on some of them

20 750pxStraight to Thrusters for the after after party?

21 750pxSD Curb Crushers, Bert and Mario

22 750pxTough customers, Omar and CJ

23 750pxThats a wrap!
  • Alex Sorgente's "RAW AMs" Part

    Alex Sorgente's "RAW AMs" Part
    Proving he’s not just another contest kid, Alex sets a crash course for every rail, pool and DIY he can get his trucks on. The Encinitas Civic Center gets hit with another heavy hammer that would make Omar and Hairball proud.
  • CJ Collins' "Truly Off Road" Video

    CJ Collins' "Truly Off Road" Video
    The Victorville prodigy connects with his desert roots through a kitted-out 4Runner and his skateboard. GT, Simon Bannerot and Louie Lopez join the adventure. Buckle up with the best dudes on and off the road.
  • Rough Cut: Ryan Townley's "Seance" Part

    Rough Cut: Ryan Townley's "Seance" Part
    Townley yanks his board less than you’d think, but we’d be pulling your chain if we said he’s going easy. Take a trip behind the scenes to fully experience his one-of-a-kind wizardry. 
  • Rough Cut: Nora Vasconcellos' "Seance" Part

    Rough Cut: Nora Vasconcellos' "Seance" Part
    Never has a Rough Cut been stacked with equal parts purple and pain. Bear witness as Nora summons the courage to get up after some ground-rattling slams while attacking wicked concrete walls. 
  • Stomped! Ryan Townley

    Stomped! Ryan Townley
    Few rank higher in the pantheon of modern fast planters than Townley. This clip from Independent shows the work it takes to reach that glory. Keep it green.