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Jaeson Manzanares' "Doomsayers" Part

Denver’s Jaeson Manzanares is an all-terrain lunatic, attacking concrete waves and hefty Hubbas with the equal vigor. Big ups to the 303 and the Doom crew.

  • Doomed in Mammoth

    Doomed in Mammoth
    Eli Williams, Jared Burke, Marley Humphries and Jaeson Manzanares go to Mammoth Lakes, CA in this clip from Doomsayers.
  • 303 Boards' "21 Years" Video

    303 Boards' "21 Years" Video
    303 has supported and promoted the growth of the Denver skate scene for 21 years and this video is another shining example of the shop’s immense influence.
  • Double Rock: Doomsayers

    Double Rock: Doomsayers
    This might be the best D-Rock episode to date. Ozar’s squad went ballistic, shredding every inch of the park, finding lines where no wheels have gone before. Bravo!
  • Doomsayers in Florida

    Doomsayers in Florida
    Check out this edit of the Doomsayers crew ripping through Florida.
  • Doomsayers Club Jam Ups: Dane Barker and Jared Burke

    Doomsayers Club Jam Ups: Dane Barker and Jared Burke
    John Colyer spent a day in LA with a couple members of the Doomsayers club. Check it out.