Jesse Kamerzell's "Shrunk VX" Shrunken Head Part

Jesse just dropped a ripping VX part for Shrunken Head in Portland.

  • “The Big Bing” video

    “The Big Bing” video
    Bing Mane holds it down for Shrunken Head with Keaton Rodgers whipping up the edit.
  • Shrunken Head's "Get Shrunk" Video

    Shrunken Head's "Get Shrunk" Video
    Gettin’ dangerous at the DIYs and bringin’ launch ramps to the loading docks, the Shrunken Head crew savors the last bit of Portland sun. 
  • Shrunken Head's "Shrunken Rituals Vol.2" Video

    Shrunken Head's "Shrunken Rituals Vol.2" Video
    While mostly concentrating their sick voodoo energy on Burnside, the Shrunken Head squad hits damn-near every Portland DIY and manages a few interstate clips. Jeremy Tuffi, Frank Shaw and many others tear up every piece of Quikrete in sight. Keep your eyes peeled for the Crust Hunter himself. 
  • Frank Shaw's "Shrunken Head" Part

    Frank Shaw's "Shrunken Head" Part
    Frank Shaw rips everything in this new part from Shrunken Head. Check it out.