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Madness “Mentally Well” Trailer

The Madness crew heads up the coast to the land of enchanted skateparks in search of sanity. "Mentally Well" premiers here on Tuesday. Get well!

  • Rough Cut: Daniel DuBois' "Madness" Part

    Rough Cut: Daniel DuBois' "Madness" Part
    Daniel suffers for the craft, committing time after time to some of The Bay's biggest spots in his hard-hitting Madness part.
  • Martino Cattaneo's "Madness" Part

    Martino Cattaneo's "Madness" Part
    The Swiss Scrambler sees new potential on slanted spots across Europe, transferring from bowls to trees and hitting two rails with one slide. Now you know why we got him in the van.
  • Ace Pelka's "Free Spirit" Madness Pro Part

    Ace Pelka's "Free Spirit" Madness Pro Part
    Slappies have been trending upwards, but Ace elevates ‘em to another level, skipping gaps and dive-bombing buildings. He ain’t bad in a pool either.
  • Clay Kreiner's "Delusional" Part

    Clay Kreiner's "Delusional" Part
    Spending more time in the air than on the ground, Clay clashes with the riskiest ramps in the game paying homage to vert giants before him—Hawk, Way and Sluggo to name a few. This part ain’t for the faint of heart.
  • Madness at Lake Elsinore

    Madness at Lake Elsinore
    A message from a prophet gets the Madness men to stay focused on the important things: skating big-ass ‘crete and kickin’ it with your crew. If the hippy’s words don’t make you trip out, Trey’s corner-pocket noseblunt will for sure.