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Max Murphy's "Too Stupid To Care" Part

Local video, great skating, and a sweet soundtrack. What's not to love?

  • Strangelove Ray Barbee Tribute Video

    Strangelove Ray Barbee Tribute Video
    Timmy takes the new Barbee guest board out for a Ban This inspired cruise before Max puts it to the crust test for Strangelove.
  • StrangeLove x Uprise Summer Mix Tape

    StrangeLove x Uprise Summer Mix Tape
    Timmy and Max mix it up in the Midwest for StrangeLove, killin' cutty spots and serving up a storm of clips from Chase.
  • The Side Effect Promo

    The Side Effect Promo
    Timmy Johnson, Pat Gallaher, Max Murphy and more of the Midwest's best put on a helluva show for Side Effect.
  • Strangelove's "Purple Reign" Video

    Strangelove's "Purple Reign" Video
    Strangelove sends Max Murphy, Ben Narloch and the squad to the streets of Minneapolis for a Prince-fueled tear.
  • "VHS 2" Video

    "VHS 2" Video
    Max Murphy, Vince Stranc, and Matt Norndess come through with rad parts in this video out of Milwaukee.