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Out There: Tom Karangelov

Finding spots in movies and paying tribute to legendary locations, Tom’s approach to video parts is anything but orthodox. Film buffs and skate nerds get hyped. 

  • Skateline: 01.10.2023

    Skateline: 01.10.2023
    Gary covers Walker Ryan's Textures part, Ville Wester's Palace move, Stone Hendrikx Sword video, Rayssa Leal and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • 2022 SOTY Party Photos

    2022 SOTY Party Photos
    After an unprecedented year of boundary-pushing skating, we needed a night in The City to kick back and crown our 2022 Skater of the Year, Tyshawn Jones. Let’s walk through to see the friends and fellow skaters that came to celebrate.
  • Chapped "Endling" Video

    Chapped "Endling" Video
    Ryan Maddox continues his epic Southwest series with a full-throttle production featuring the likes of Jake The Jeweler, Bryant Chapo, Wildman, Monico Candelaria and more
  • Franky Villani's Halloween 272 New Balance Numeric

    Franky Villani's Halloween 272 New Balance Numeric
    Franky links up with Tom K on a sketchy mission for a crook in his new 272.
  • Avery Johnson's "Enter the Museum" Part

    Avery Johnson's "Enter the Museum" Part
    A good eye for spots, quick feet and some unorthodox rail combos, Avery brings a new vision to the Museum. Our guys Bublitz and Tom K bring the back up.