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Patrick Praman's "Analogue" Part

There are lots of people out there making noise, but Patrick really warrants the attention. This dude RIPS. We expect to be seeing lots more from him in the years to come...


Buy the full Analogue video here.

  • Burnout: A Skater’s Skater

    Burnout: A Skater’s Skater
    Legends of the OC converge to celebrate the premiere of Leo Romero’s epic new flick Skater by Emerica. Anybody remember World’s Best Dad?
  • A Team Manager's Survival Guide

    A Team Manager's Survival Guide
    New REAL TM Tim Fulton gets a crash course from some of the best in the biz while piloting the squad across America. First rule: there's no "I" in team manager. From our December '22 mag.
  • REAL's "Field Report: KC to Des Moines to Minneapolis"

    REAL's "Field Report: KC to Des Moines to Minneapolis"
    On the road to making Three Seasons, Patrick, Gage and TVV hit a Midwest heatwave with Mason, Jack and special guest Sean Malto.
  • Am Scramble Interview: Patrick Praman

    Am Scramble Interview: Patrick Praman
    Patrick showed up to the Scramble ready for business with a deep bag of technical rail moves and his undeniable finesse. We chopped it up with REAL's star about his time in Thailand, riding for its Olympic program, movin' West and leveling up all last year. Read up on this extra-loaded interview from our February '23 mag.  
  • "Am Scramble 2022" Video

    "Am Scramble 2022" Video
    Crackin' Eggs, killin' kinks and handling biz at the best spots in Boston, the Scramble returns to the East Coast for an epic ride you can't miss. Catch your favorite ams go off before their inevitable promotion.