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Rådhuset Oslo Video

Oslo’s premier skatespot gets thoroughly shredded from every angle. It’s inspiring to see all the different ways this place gets destroyed. Big ups, dudes!

  • SKATELINE: 05.03.2022

    SKATELINE: 05.03.2022
    Gabbers' My War, Jordan Trahan's Fais Low Low part, Harry Lintell's REAL part, Hermann Stene on Thunder and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • Thunder Welcomes Hermann Stene

    Thunder Welcomes Hermann Stene
    Hermann goes mach 10, tackling terrain with a stacked bag of psycho stunts. This is how you level up.
  • ROUGHT CUT: Hermann Stene's "Real" Part

    ROUGHT CUT: Hermann Stene's "Real" Part
    His skating looks effortless, but Hermann battles and bleeds like the rest of us. That kicker to rail still makes no sense...
  • The "Gronze World" Video

    The "Gronze World" Video
    Max cracks the door open, making way for the Gronze extended family with beautiful sections from Deedz, Gauthier and more. The island’s gone worldwide.
  • Marcus Shaw's "RÅDZ" éS Footwear Part

    Marcus Shaw's "RÅDZ" éS Footwear Part
    Marcus grinds away the granite at Oslo’s City Hall with the precision of a sculptor. That switch crooks closer is timeless.