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Rough Cut: Elliot Sloan's "Metal and Mayhem" Part

There is a lot of utterly incomprehensible stuff in here. Prepare to rewind.

  • Elliot Sloan for Fallen Footwear

    Elliot Sloan for Fallen Footwear
    Sloan throws a casper flip maneuver on his Mega to show off the new shoe for Fallen Footwear.
  • Burnout: Top Jimmy

    Burnout: Top Jimmy
    The REAL team, plus celebrity guests, surprise new teammate Jimmy Wilkins with a mid-day ambush. Subterfuge!
  • SKATELINE: 03.01.2022

    SKATELINE: 03.01.2022
    Etnies welcomes Andy Anderson, Homies' Fun Raiser video, Jordan Thackery, Bob Burnquist, Etienne Gagne and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • Elliot Sloan's Pro Shoe for Fallen

    Elliot Sloan's Pro Shoe for Fallen
    Elliot visits Bob's ramp and floats a front foot impossible with his new Fallen shoe.
  • Fallen Welcomes Elliot Sloan

    Fallen Welcomes Elliot Sloan
    Elliot Sloan earns a spot on the Fallen squad with a mega back noseblunt.