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Rough Cut: JP Souza's "I'll be Around" Part

Camera hits, return trips and a board caught in a creek, JP works through unfathomable lines and absurd combos.

  • SKATELINE: 05.21.2024

    SKATELINE: 05.21.2024
    Gary's talkin' JP Souza's Tropical Flavor part, Gabriel Summers' No White Flag part, Quasi's Psychic Fracture video, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Shane O'Neill and more in today's episode of Skateline
  • JP Souza's "Tropical Flavor" Part

    JP Souza's "Tropical Flavor" Part
    JP's technical prowess is well documented, but still he steps it up with unthinkable combos from Brazil to LA before putting down a needle-moving ender.
  • JP Souza for Bones Bearings

    JP Souza for Bones Bearings
    JP brings his technical talents to the ledges of HB park for Bones bearings.
  • JP Souza for Pepper Grip

    JP Souza for Pepper Grip
    JP lays down some technical brilliance for Pepper grip. 
  • SKATELINE: 02.02.2021

    SKATELINE: 02.02.2021
    Tony Hawk hucks a 720, Bones Wheels’ Gravitational Pull montage, JP Souza’s Visual part, Kader, Movieville2021 and more in today’s episode of Skateline.