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Shay Sandiford's "Mixed Emotions" Part

Shay comes correct with surgeon-like precision and a handful of flip outs you’ve never dreamed of.

  • Skateline: 11.08.2022

    Skateline: 11.08.2022
    Gary talks Axel and Lizzie's Till Death Do Us part, Kevin Perez' 4 Love video, Elijah Akerley's Cross the Breeze part, Tiago in New York, Reese Nelson and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • Kevin Perez's "4 Love" Video

    Kevin Perez's "4 Love" Video
    Kevin Perez links up with P-Rod, Yuto, Shane, Dashawn and even our guy Lui in this star-studded feature from LA.
  • Hell of a Month: June 2022

    Hell of a Month: June 2022
    From Gabbers in Australia to Mason in Brazil and Midler at Bust or Bail, the hits kept rolling in June. Here’s a whirlwind recap of all the madness.
  • PHXAM 2019 Video

    PHXAM 2019 Video
    Every year in the Arizona desert we get a glimpse of the new maniacs ready to challenge the skate world. This PHXAM was a barnburner, and Brazilian Giovanni Vianna took the trophy with authority. Congrats!