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Shmatty's "COVX-19" Part

The LA ledge lord dials up combos like a mathematician. Pop, precision and a mean flick are all part of the equation. Check the work... 

  • Crupié Wheels' "Multicultural" Video 3

    Crupié Wheels' "Multicultural" Video 3
    Incredible board control and stunning street savvy—the Crupié crew dials up the tech in their new montage.
  • APB's "Potluck" Video

    APB's "Potluck" Video
    A full-length extravaganza from the Isles of Hawaii… Thank you, APB!
  • Artform's "Poisonous Arts" Vol. 2

    Artform's "Poisonous Arts" Vol. 2
    This crew of tech wizards practice insane skate sorcery. Here’s a sick edit of the Artform apparel riders, featuring Will Fyock, Victor Brooks, TJ Harris, Taylor McClung and Shmatty Chaffin.
  • Grizzly's North West Tour

    Grizzly's North West Tour
    The Grizzly team is hitting the road in Oregon. Check the dates.
  • éS x Grizzly Game of SKATE

    éS x Grizzly Game of SKATE
    Check this video of Kelly Hart and Will Fyock playing an intense game of SKATE for the éS x Grizzly collection.