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S.O.T.Y. Party 2009

"I've seen 'em all, I want to make this one the best ever. If you're going to be a downer, don't come." -Phelps

  • April 2010

    April 2010
    Cover: Chris Cole – frontside blunt to fakie. Photo: BurnettInside:Chris Cole Skater Of The Year 2009;T-Eddy Awards;Hell Of A Year
  • FuelTV SOTY Party Coverage

    FuelTV SOTY Party Coverage
    "Are you going to deny Chris Cole?" –Tony Hawk
  • Yardsale: 2009 S.O.T.Y. Party

    Yardsale: 2009 S.O.T.Y. Party
    Here's a yardsale from our 2009 Skater Of The Year Party.
  • 2009 S.O.T.Y. Photo Booth

    2009 S.O.T.Y. Photo Booth
    Here's some of the Photo Booth gems that were printed out the night of the 2009 Skater of the Year party.
  • S.O.T.Y. Party

    S.O.T.Y. Party
    Here's just a taste of the skating and hi-jinx that went down at the 2009 Skater of the Year party.