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Spencer Hamilton's "Elevate" Part

It all kicks off with a beautiful block-to-block line and just keeps getting better. Resounding pop, majestic style and top-notch trick selection all add up to a video-part masterpiece. Congrats on the signature shoe, Spencer!

  • Supra's "Lizard King Shoe Party" Blog

    Supra's "Lizard King Shoe Party" Blog
    Supra had their second annual Hollywood Showdown Saturday afternoon at Brooklyn Projects in Los Angeles celebrating the release of Lizard King's new shoe, the "Shredder".  
  • Lizard King's Shredder Teaser

    Lizard King's Shredder Teaser
    Lizard teases his new Supra shoe and video dropping 7/13/15. Check it out.
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    Supra London Calling
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    Supra Flashback Footie: Japan
    Check out some raw footage from Japan in 2006 with Supra riders Muska, Greco, and Ellington.
  • Erik Ellington Pressure Flip

    Erik Ellington Pressure Flip
    Take another look at Erik Ellington's pressure flip in Long Beach from Supra.