The "CENS.US x 35th North" Video

The shop homies from 35th North rep the new threads and rip seattle for their CENS.US collab.

  • Alex Cooper's "PEACE OFF" Video

    Alex Cooper's "PEACE OFF" Video
    Undeterred by months of moisture, Alex Cooper and the Seattle scene sends a message with a fresh full-length. Our dude Dane provides the art and a ripping part. No excuses—get some.
  • Johnny Matarazzo's "Sausage x 35th North" Part

    Johnny Matarazzo's "Sausage x 35th North" Part
    Johnny puts Seattle under siege, casually plowing through everything from ledges to triple sets. His switch bigspin game is on point. 
  • All City Quarantine

    All City Quarantine
    With $1,000 bucks in shop credit on the line, 35th North invited Seattle’s skaters to submit their best quarantine clips. Skate Witch Kristin Ebeling slapped the garden curb to take the lioness’s share, while the rest hit setups too sketchy to describe. 
  • 35th North's "Pine Street Bombers 3" Video

    35th North's "Pine Street Bombers 3" Video
    The crew at 35th strikes through the Seattle streets with force. Griffin Gass, Dane Barker, Troy Gipson and the rest rage day and night while Jesse Lindloff roughs up some rails. These dudes put it down. 
  • 35th North's "Harr & Holmes" Video

    35th North's "Harr & Holmes" Video
    Fresh off the Scene Attack, 35th North drops another video treat from two of Seattle’s wildest rippers. Combining Noah’s solid style with Alex’s quick flick, they cook up something that’s more than the sum of their parts.