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The "Santuario" Video

Proving they’re rougher than the streets of Uruguay, Federico Rossotti and Emilio Dufour ravage their local spots and go back to back on the hubba attack. Montevideo’s not messin’ around.

  • Hesh Skates' "Mañana no Importa" Video

    Hesh Skates' "Mañana no Importa" Video
    Following up his heavy part, Emilio Dufour delivers a raw vision of Uruguay with the Hesh Skates crew. From a perfect switch back noseblunt, to cutty rails and a few dips in the drink, this is what it's about.
  • Skateline: 08.15.2023

    Skateline: 08.15.2023
    Gary covers The Heated Wheel in Finland, The Venture X Shake Junt video, Emilio Dufour's Out of Office part, Arin going pro for Sci-Fi and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • Emilio Dufour's "Out of Office" Vans Part

    Emilio Dufour's "Out of Office" Vans Part
    Never one to languish behind a desk, Emilio forges a masterwork of power and technical prowess in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. This is the dude to watch.
  • Thrasher Vacation: Argentina/Uruguay Video

    Thrasher Vacation: Argentina/Uruguay Video
    The shores of the River Plate enchanted our unforgettable journey through the stunning cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. This is what it’s all about.
  • Tercer Mundo's "Mal Ciudadano" video

    Tercer Mundo's "Mal Ciudadano" video
    Emilio Dufour and friends explode onto your screen from the streets of Montevideo. Nollie heel wallride?! Uruguay is on the big stage.