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The Sausage Video

When you're a small company you can keep your edits fun and loose. These guys are having a blast and hitting spots around Seattle and the NW that you've definitely never seen before.

  • Johnny Matarazzo's "Sausage x 35th North" Part

    Johnny Matarazzo's "Sausage x 35th North" Part
    Johnny puts Seattle under siege, casually plowing through everything from ledges to triple sets. His switch bigspin game is on point. 
  • June 1994

    June 1994
    Cover: Mike Frazier – Kickflip Mute Photo: Kanights Inside This Mag: Interviews with Matt Hoffman and Ron Chatman and skating in IndianapolisAlso In This Issue: Rad ams Justin Strubing, Noah Rector, Stevie Williams and Craig De NolfMusic Articles: The Fugees, Super Natural, an ode to John Coltrane by Page Hamilton of Helmet and Casual