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Atlantic Drift - Episode 11 - Tom Knox

Vase introduced him to the world, and since the Drift he’s become a household name, but this part elevates Tom to the stars. Skateboarding is a thing of beauty. 

Featured Music:

"Charlotte Pluie"
by Fight Bite
Written by Leanne Macomber and Geoffrey Louis
Licensed courtesy of Domino Publishing Co.

"Put Your Love In Me" 
by Tindersticks
Written by Errol Brown
Licensed courtesy of Lucky Dog Inc.
Kobalt Publishing obo
RAK Publishing Ltd.
  • SKATELINE: 04.05.2022

    SKATELINE: 04.05.2022
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  • The Mark Suciu SOTY Trip: “Game On"

    The Mark Suciu SOTY Trip: “Game On"
    Following his comprehensive tear through 2021, Suciu took to the underskated Italian island of Sardinia for a victory lap loaded with stunning spots alongside Busenitz, Knox, SBN, O’Brien and more.
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    SKATELINE: 03.08.2022
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  • Miles Griptape's "M003" Video

    Miles Griptape's "M003" Video
    Tom, Rowan, Louie, Shane, Erik and Nik head down to Texas with Miles Griptape.
  • The 440 "Seasonal Switch" by Tom Knox

    The 440 "Seasonal Switch" by Tom Knox
    Tom switches up his stance and his kicks at a London wallie spot with Jacob Harris behind the lens for New Balance Numeric.