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Uprise's "Giardiniera" Video

Local Chicago lensman G shines a new light on the Windy City as he scours the avenues with Chaz Ortiz, Timmy Johnson and more from Uprise.

  • RIP IN PEACE: Thomas Taylor

    RIP IN PEACE: Thomas Taylor
    Thomas Taylor was a giant in the Atlanta scene and provided a blueprint for how to live the fullest life as a skateboarder. From his pro career to building a family and fostering the community through his Stratosphere shop, he is remembered by everyone he touched. Read closely as his loved ones reflect on his incredible ride.
  • Uprise x Thrasher Collab

    Uprise x Thrasher Collab
    We joined forces with Uprise, one of the most iconic skateshops on the planet, for a Holiday collaboration. Limited product available in their shop and online.
  • StrangeLove x Uprise Summer Mix Tape

    StrangeLove x Uprise Summer Mix Tape
    Timmy and Max mix it up in the Midwest for StrangeLove, killin' cutty spots and serving up a storm of clips from Chase.
  • Nick Matthews' "Venture X Uprise" Part

    Nick Matthews' "Venture X Uprise" Part
    One of Chicago's best minces iconic ledges, takes his talents to NYC and puts down a show-stopping ollie that deserves a second look. This is greatness in the making.
  • Corey Glick's "Uprise" Part

    Corey Glick's "Uprise" Part
    Glick cut his teeth in the Midwest streets before landing out West. Heading back to Illinois, Corey brings the pain to Chicago’s famous ledges and crusty gems.