Virtual Exposure 2021 Video Winners

Exposure came in hot with its 10th annual event. Over 150 women, trans and nonbinary skaters from 14 countries threw their hats in the ring to be judged by  Elissa Steamer, Jaime Reyes, Alex White, Vanessa Torres and Amelia Brodka. Core Hydration presented this year’s video part contest that included a hearty $55,000 prize purse. On top of kicking down cash to the hardest rippers, Exposure also raised funds for the Community Resource Center’s Domestic Violence Shelter. Throw a couple bucks to the mission while you’re here. The finalists were announced with a premiere at La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, and now you can watch all the winners on this very page. Enjoy it and go to Exposure Skate for the rest of the videos.

Santa Cruz Best Video Part Street 14 and Under
1st: Chloe Covell - Tweed Heads, Australia
2nd: Liz Akama - Miyagi, Japan
3rd: Mia Lovell - Phoenix, AZ

Krux Best Crew
1. Fruit Basket - Pittsburgh, PA
2. Boardroom Skate - Montclair, NJ
3. Board City - Sydney, Australia

Independent Best Trick Street
1. Mia Lovell

Skatelite Best Trick Transition 
1. Ruby Trew

Santa Cruz Best Video Part Street 15-29
1. Samantha Bolton - Linden, NJ
2. Ariana Spencer - Chicago, IL
3. Chrissy Brown - Baltimore, MD

Santa Cruz Best Video Part Street 30+ 
1. Karen Feitosa - São Paulo, Brazil
2. Kristin Ebeling - Kirkland, WA
3. Celina Meehan - Philadelphia, PA

Independent Best Video Part Transition 14 and Under
1. Hinano Kusaki - Ibaraki, Japan
2. Ruby Lilley - Oceanside, CA
3. Lola Tambling - Cornwall, England

Independent Best Video Part Transition 15-29
1. Yurin Fujii - Kanagawa, Japan
2. Asahi Kaihara - Osaka, Japan
3. Shani Bru - Bordeaux, France

Independent Best Video Part Transition 30+
1. Karen Jonz - Sao Paulo, Brazil
2. Tracie Garacochea - Santa Monica, CA
3. Nicole Noller - Denver, CO

Ricta, Mob, Bronson Samarria's Pick
1. Reese Nelson - Carlsbad, CA

Dickies' Allysha's Pick
1. Lady Meek - Golden, CO

Impala Skate Rising Award
1. Loren Michelle - Pablo Ramirez Foundation / Brooklyn Skate Garden
2. Indigo Willing - Consent is Rad
3. Shanell Doyle - Youth Hope Foundation

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