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Visualtraveling "The Edge of Arabia" Trailer

Skateboarding is a worldwide adventure, but there are certain pockets of the globe that haven't seen much action. The Visualtraveling crew delved deep into Arabia and their documentation will be live next Tuesday.

  • Visualtraveling's "The Eurasia Project" Book

    Visualtraveling's "The Eurasia Project" Book
    The Eurasia Project a hardcover photobook compiles photography of Patrik Wallner under the name Visualtraveling, exploring all the one-hundred and one nations across the European and Asian continent throughout the last decade.
  • Visualtraveling "The Edge of Arabia" Video

    Visualtraveling "The Edge of Arabia" Video
    This is more than a skate video. This is a risky rendezvous into an unexplored pocket of the skateboarding universe, The Arabian Peninsula.