Washington St Halloween Fundraiser Jam

Washington St. Halloween fundraiser jam went down on one of the funnest days of the year! Bands, beers, BBQ, great costumes and some serious ripping went down under the bridge. Even the Muska showed showed up to shred!


Words and photos by Rhino


Welcome to WSVT, don’t be scared!


Japanese animation meets LSD and you get Hewitt


Chris Gregson uses his wizardry and catches a perfect frontside kickflip

4Auby Taylor, eggplant while Hewitt risks loosing his teeth


6Wes Kremer as frontside flips one up for the Muska


The Muska and Duffs beer man


Throw them horns up, Pat Beik over the channel


Auby and Mike


Left Hesh locked in on a smith grind


The Bridge Kids ripped it up


Take a look at this one closely, Pat front invert



Mazapan boneless over the love seat gun in hand


Chris Coogan bloody frontside nosegrinds the big wall


Brandon Perelson frontside invert


Chris Cope jailbird eggplant


Best trick winners. these guys killed it all day Chris Coogan, Chris Cope and Abass

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