Welcome's "Seance" Premiere Photos

Welcome recently unveiled their Séance to a sold-out crowd at the Observatory in Costa Mesa over the weekend. I didn’t see any ghosts but the skating was certainly out of this world. —Ben Karpinski

1 750pxWelcome team headlining the main stage at the Observatory

2 750pxWelcome TM and mastermind behind Séance, Richie Valdez making sure everyone gets in

3 750pxThe Townleys

4 750pxIvan Federico and his lady made it all the way from Italy

5 750pxDouble angles for Nora and crew

6 750pxBig night for the Vasconcellos family

7 750pxJason Salillas and Ryan Lay

8 750px“It’s called a mock neck!”

9 750pxThe Goures made the trek from AZ in Aaron’s mobile studio

10 750pxJake Selover. Seen that Burnside clip yet?!

11 750pxAidan Campbell is definitely on the list

12 750pxNora had a +50

13 750pxJust got to make it past the hall monitor and were in!

14 750pxShane Cox and company

15 750pxRichie and Citi Boy

16 750pxPlace was starting to fill up

17 750pxThat fucking shirt…

18 750pxBentley Boys: Shawn Hale, Jason Salillas and Jacky Long Shot

19 750pxFirst 50 people through the doors got a free shirt. Will Blaty approved

20 750pxAce Pilots Shrewgy and Riley Boland

21 750pxNHS crew

22 750pxNora and Richie with Corin Roddick from Purity Ring

23 750pxLake Forrest commuters

24 750pxThen Jason Celaya called everyone onstage to introduce the video

25 750pxBut not before a heartfelt speech from Richie

26 750pxTownley started it off with a bang

27 750pxFull house

28 750pxNora fans were not disappointed. Wait ’til you see the video!

29 750pxImmediately after the premiere, Kim and the Created played a set

30 750pxCan’t say enough good things about this band

31 750pxTotally could see them on Dangerhouse Records if this was 40 years ago

32 750pxThought there wouldn’t be a pit at the Welcome premiere?

33 750pxKim

34 750pxVasconcellos, front and center

35 750pxTime to get mom out of the pit

36 750pxAnd that’s goodnight. Congrats to the Welcome team. You guys really conjured up something special!

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