Why So Sad? x Actions REALized Premiere Photos

For the last three years we've been fundraising to help drive work in mental health. This year the project is called Why So Sad? The question "why so sad?" is fundamental for us as we start to dig in and begin the therapeutic process of observing and understanding our own emotional triggers. So far, the project has raised money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health, Grassroots Suicide Prevention and research at Johns Hopkins University. Now, in partnership with REAL Skateboards, we're going to be supporting The Ben Raemers Foundation, which has been set up to raise awareness around the tools and skills of mental health first aid and to destigmatize the subject of mental health and suicide. Our hope to help more of us open up and find help when we need it. Let's keep learning while pushing the conversation, and keep looking out for each other. —John Rattray


Photos and captions by Joe Brook

Kurt_Hiyashi_WSS_Pano.jpgIt was an incredibly wholesome scene. Skaters down for the cause, congregating by a bowl for an art show, video premiere and, of course, a jam     Photo: Kurt Hayashi



Always good to start off the night by seeing Thrasher's own Ewan Bowman and the man of the hour, John Rattray



Starting off, Daniel Evans helped by making the stickers for the event. Hit him up for your sticker needs—@havelovewilltravel.co



The Trippe family pitches in during setup. Maybe this could reincarnate Fecal Face 2.0 in Portland?



The QR codes made it through the final R and D test—high tech! 



On the way in, attendees were treated to a wall of sad plant prints that surely put some smiles on their faces. All photos are up for auction and proceeds go to The Ben Raemers Foundation



If you’re feeling left out, don’t worry. Prints of the photos—like this here proper plant— are available for auction here



The Predatory Bird’s mission overview looks good to go 



312 “skateboard egg plants” in one hour certified via Guinness—hella valid



If you’re looking to brighten your day, just pick up some Why So Sad? x Actions REALized merch at your favorite skate shop


Now get ready for the who’s who part of the night!



Seeing all my friends makes me a little happier! John Rattray, Kurt Hayashi, Ewan Bowman, Justin Brock and Christian Alexander



Mackenzie Moss and Cody Lockwood in his trademark full-brim hat



Always down for a cause, Lindsay Jo Holmes from Maple XO and friend Johannah Zuniga



Sick Boys video stars, Bryce Kanights and Jim Thiebaud, reunite



Kelly Bird, Lance Mountain and John Rattray take a break from discussing the subtleties involved in the perfect sad plant



Northwest masterlensman, Jon Humphries along with his wife Cel and Justin Brock



The Kimbels were stoked and warm inside



The official campaign judge, Lance Mountain and Kurt Hayashi

Jess_Mudgget_Aesop_Rock_Kaspar_Willis.jpgThe tallest and nicest dudes in the house: Jess Mudgett, Aesop Rock, Kaspar van Lierop and Willis Kimbel

joey_chelsea_george_and_seaside_john.jpgOne of the most creative cohorts in skateboarding: Joey Martin of Collective Concrete, Chelsea Cowan, George Rocha of Iris Skateboards and John Morgan—aka Seaside John


Can’t stop The Firm reunion—Lance Mountain and Joe Gruber 



Ryan Bobier, Austin Dal Molin and Kaspar van Lierop showing off the goods



SF locs were aplenty. Jake Palu and Chris Johanson



Moose Huerta and Ben Wall were in high spirits 



Always a pleasure when you get Joey and Marilu Pepper on the scene



Copper of dope merch, Carter Donnell and Ian Bavitz—aka Aesop Rock



Grant and Lilly Taylor came through with their southern charm 



DLX past and present: Christian Alexander and Mickey Reyes of Cat’s Paw Saloon



Ultimate Phil and son Silas always make the PDX blog



Jim Thiebaud dressed up for the occasion by omitting the black nail polish. All the better for pointing to a real one, Sarah Connelly 



The skateboarding family never stops growing. It looks like the Bird family is growing too



Can’t have too many smiling faces. Kaylee Bullan and Zack Wiegand drove from Redding, CA, to attend 



Arthur Lindsey and Kerry Flynn not looking the least bit sad



Mat O’Brien, Tiff Harker and Brent Atchley—who still has the lightest feet in the PNW



On double-duty, John Rattray emceed the talk and video portion of the night

john_rattray-video.jpgOh, look who made the cut! John Rattray lights up the silver screen



Rattray’s moving speech on suicide awareness and prevention was well received 



It’s important that we all get a little bit closer these days, so we all got packed in like sardines


After we got cozy, it was time to burn down the bowl

double_shred_DZ.jpgA high-speed doubles run is always a good way to heat things up in the bowl



Frank Shaw was the first person I saw get the good kind of sad



Then Andrew Adams tried to get the Lance stamp of approval on his sad plant



Hunter Okano—not Hunter Muraira—with a Madonna 



Frank Shaw lets the front foot breathe on a frontside invert



Cody Lockwood goes fly fishing



Willis looks into the deep end while holding on tight to an Andrecht



Full-speed grind on the pool coping, Kaylee Bullan gets hers


GT was like a runaway train skating the bowl—unstoppable



Nick Peterson smashes a lien melon to disaster with a broken collarbone



Even more doubles! Willis and Ari Landon doing the ol’ over-and-under routine



GT sent it to the rafters just before leaving the bowl in cinders!


Huge thanks to REAL Skateboards, Nike SB, The Bodecker Foundation and Thrasher for helping make a positive and great event for the launch. Check out the video, grab a board from your local skateshop, sign up for mental health first aid training.


If you or someone you know is struggling, please check out these resources:


National Crisis Line: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

Trevor Project: https://www.thetrevorproject.org/


Samaritans: https://www.samaritans.org/

Calmzone: https://www.thecalmzone.net/

Global list of resources:


A ton of information about training in the US can be found on the National Council for Behavioral Health website: https://www.thenationalcouncil.org/

Also at the QPR Institute: https://qprinstitute.com/individual-training

In the UK at SAMH in Scotland: https://www.samh.org.uk/

At Grassroots in England: https://www.prevent-suicide.org.uk/

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