WKND's "Sir Palmer" Premiere Photos

WKND skateboards held what we would call a flash-mob video premiere. They posted a flyer saying to meet at Echo Park Lake and then set up a screen and a little PA and a mob showed up. It was a great vibe. A couple hundred skaters turned up and it was funny—for a lifetime of getting kicked out of spots by cops, not one showed up so it was a good time with beers and bros. Sir Palmer is a great short film focusing on Alex Schmidt and Trevor Thompson, both of whom are very creative with how they skate and what they skate. The video is filmed and edited super good—it’s got a fast pace. A lot of the WKND guys live in an apartment building called Sir Palmer which is across the street from the lake, hence the video title. This was an awesome way to premiere a video. Good job, Grant.

SirPalmerAtiba 750pxThe Sir Palmer crew: Taylor Caruso, Salomon Cardenas, Grant Yansura, Alex Schmidt, Trevor Thompson, Alexis Sablone and Danny Montoya

MontoyaMalto 750pxThese two are great at frontside crooked grinds—Danny Montoya and Sean Malto

WKNDTeamatiba 750pxThe crew that made this video possible: Taylor Caruso, Salomon Cardenas, Grant Yansura, Alex Schmidt, Trevor Thompson and Alexis Sablone

PlunkettAtiba 750pxDan Plunkett and the good homie

ScottMackeyRyanFlynnAtiba 750pxScott Mackey and Ryan Flynn were smart to bring chairs with them

KirbyAndrewPeters 750pxKirby and Andrew Peters—a couple rippas

MaltoWalkerRyan 750pxMalto and Walker Ryan can switch tré

GrantYansuraAtiba 2 750pxDIY set up

GrantYansuraAtiba 750pxNow let’s hear some words from Grant

SirPalmerLake 750pxFlash mob

SlashandMaltoAtiba 750pxMalto got lots of photos with the bros—him and Slash

Pontius and Shad 750pxWhere my dogs at? Ask Chris Pontius and Shad Lambert

Erik And Jayatiba 750pxBaker has a Deathwish—Erick Valdez and Jay Thorpe. Be sure to check the Thrasher site on Monday, Sept. 17th to check out Sir Palmer with your own eyes. Congrats again on the video, WKNDers!
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