• Raven at Diamond

    Raven at Diamond
    Raven Tershy and friends rip the Diamond bowl in this clip for the Pretty Sweet video.
  • Pretty Sweet Teaser 2

    Pretty Sweet Teaser 2
    Sean Malto grinds through a wedding party in the latest teaser for Pretty Sweet.
  • Pretty Sweet

    Pretty Sweet
    The new Girl and Chocolate video, Pretty Sweet, will be premiering on November 16, 2012.
  • El Chocolate Tour

    El Chocolate Tour
    Here's the Chocolate tour video from Central America, featuring Brenes, Perez, Berle, Tershy, Alvarez, BA, Anderson, Kennedy and McCrank.
  • Wallride 23

    Wallride 23
    The Wallride catalog featuring the new products from Girl, Chocolate, and Royal is here.
  • Girl/Chocolate Trailer

    Girl/Chocolate Trailer
    Looks like this video from Girl Films and Chocolate Cinema is going to be amazing. Watch the Trailer here.
  • Chunk of Chocolate

    Chunk of Chocolate
    Raven Tershy and Elijah Berle trick Chico Brenes into going out to skate Baldy pipe.
  • Girl/Chocolate Demo Footage

    Girl/Chocolate Demo Footage
    Check out this clip from a recent demo that the Girl and Chocolate guys put on at the North Hollywood park.
  • Wallride #22

    Wallride #22
    Check out the new products from Girl, Chocolate, Fourstar, Lakai, Royal, and Crailtap in this catalog.
  • Crailtap's Year in Review

    Crailtap's Year in Review
    The Crailtap crew covered a lot of ground in 2010. Check out their year in review video here.