• CSFU Trailer

    CSFU Trailer
    This Chapter will devastate: Navarrette, Partanen, Gravette, Hitz, Bingaman, Heddings, Graham, Mallory, Kimbel, Reyes, Silence, Conover, and Apello.
  • Willis Kimbel on Creature

    Willis Kimbel on Creature
    Check out this welcome video featuring Creature's newest fiend, Willis Kimbel.
  • Creature in Kona

    Creature in Kona
    Hammeke checks in from the Kona skatepark with the Creature crew.
  • Skatepark Round-Up: Creature

    Skatepark Round-Up: Creature
    Navarrette, Hitz, Gravette, and the Creature army tackled over 8 parks and landed two feature edits—one day and one night.
  • Creature In The UK

    Creature In The UK
    Here's some UK Creature magic from their Mutant Euro Return trip, featured in our December 2011 issue.
  • Bruicidal Tendencies

    Bruicidal Tendencies
    Creature has a new clip produced by Sam Hitz to showcase their new Bruicidal Tendencies board.
  • Best Clip from a Shitty Park Contest

    Best Clip from a Shitty Park Contest
    Gravette makes the most of any spot, even really shitty skateparks. Check out this clip of him ripping a bad park—then go out to your local shit park, film a clip, and send it to us.
  • New Fiend

    New Fiend
    Creature welcomes Ryan Reyes to their team with this clip.
  • Partanen P2 Testing

    Partanen P2 Testing
    Al Partanen puts one of Creature's new P2 boards to the test in this clip from Strangenotes.
  • In the Park: Willis Kimbel

    In the Park: Willis Kimbel
    Check out this Creature clip of Willis Kimbel ripping Burnside.