• Ryan Gallant All Ages

    Ryan Gallant All Ages
    Gallant rocks a solo gig that will have any crowd going wild and dedicates his set to his hometown, Boston.
  • Expedition Texas Tour

    Expedition Texas Tour
    Expedition starts their first rodeo in Texas next week. Check out their dates and locations here.
  • Kenny Hoyle Detention

    Kenny Hoyle Detention
    Kenny Hoyle got locked down in detention at Da Playground and came out with this sick clip.
  • Expedition Aloha Series

    Expedition Aloha Series
    Expedition brings you the Aloha Bitches deck series, complete with a new commercial showing proper use. Available in shops and online now.
  • Five Sequences: March 15, 2013

    Five Sequences: March 15, 2013
    Expedition hooked us up with five sequences of Kenny Hoyle, Kelly Hart, Chris Brunner, Spencer Hamilton, and Ryan Gallant.
  • Expedition-One at Woodward

    Expedition-One at Woodward
    The Expedition team rolled over to Woodward West early this summer to eat, drink, and sleep skateboarding for a week.
  • Welcome to the Brickyard

    Welcome to the Brickyard
    Rob Welsh and the Expedition One crew introduce you to their new mini-ramp in this clip from Kayo.
  • An Expedition to China

    An Expedition to China
    The Expedition-one crew took a journey to China, and Ne Hao is the video that documented their travels. See it now on KayoTV.
  • Taylor McClung on Expedition-One

    Taylor McClung on Expedition-One
    Expedition-One introduces Taylor McClung to their team with this sick video.
  • Expedition at Woodward

    Expedition at Woodward
    Expedition-One took over Woodward Skatecamp for a week this summer, check the footage here.