• Parra Interview in Juxtapoz

    Parra Interview in Juxtapoz
    Tony Vitello interviewed Dutch artist Parra for Juxtapoz Magazine. The man behind Tired skateboards graphics discusses his life as a skateboarder, evolution as a painter, kicking the crap out of a canvas, and everything in between. Have a read...
  • Juxtapoz x Lance Mountain x Matthew Barney

    Juxtapoz x Lance Mountain x Matthew Barney
    Juxtapoz just posted a cool article with videos of Lance Mountain working with Matthew Barney on an art project in Detroit.
  • Don Pendleton X Juxtapoz

    Don Pendleton X Juxtapoz
    Score an exclusive, limited-edition Juxtapoz print from art skate great Don Pendleton here.
  • Brook Talks Photos

    Brook Talks Photos
    Juxtapoz has a video interview with Joe Brook where he tells some stories behind his photos.
  • Win Charlie Sheen Winning

    Win Charlie Sheen Winning
    Juxtapoz gives you a chance to win this original drawing by Alex Pardee. Check it out.