• Miles Silvas for Lakai

    Miles Silvas for Lakai
    Lakai launches their new website with this sick video.
  • Pretty Sweet Lakai Shoes

    Pretty Sweet Lakai Shoes
    Check out these Pretty Sweet themed shoes from Lakai, the Brea and the new Howard pro model.
  • Team BK Ripping

    Team BK Ripping
    Lakai opened their doors to Team BK and they came out with a sick clip.
  • Lakai KOTR Editions Commercial

    Lakai KOTR Editions Commercial
    Highlights of Marc Johnson and Guy Mariano from 2011 King of the Road for their new shoes.
  • FTC x Lakai x Girl

    FTC x Lakai x Girl
    FTC celebrates their new collab with Lakai and Girl by hosting a day of BBQ'n, tennis, hoops, and skateboarding.
  • A Good Day's Catch

    A Good Day's Catch
    Marc Johnson shows off his house in this new commercial from Lakai.
  • New from Lakai

    New from Lakai
    The Fall '12 Lakai collection went live on their site today, headlined by this Sebo Walker commercial for the Pico XLK.
  • Just Kicking It

    Just Kicking It
    Check out Brandon Biebel just kicking it in the newest commercial from Lakai.
  • Riley Hawk for Lakai

    Riley Hawk for Lakai
    Riley Hawk fucking RIPS... and he rides for Lakai, which only adds to his all-around rippitude. Check out this new part promoting the Linden shoe, filmed with nothing other than the VX.
  • King of the Road 2011 Full Video

    King of the Road 2011 Full Video
    Here's the full KOTR 2011 video (all webisodes, back-to-back) plus an hour of bonus footage. Enjoy the wild ride one more time.