• Chris Gregson Rolls on Every OJ Wheel

    Chris Gregson Rolls on Every OJ Wheel
    Jump in the whip and roll everything from crusty ditches to smooth parks and metal vert ramps as Chris pretty much hits it all.
  • New from OJ

    New from OJ
    Check out all of the new hardgoods from OJ in their Holiday '19 catalog.
  • Kicking It With Jesse Lindloff

    Kicking It With Jesse Lindloff
    Go behind the scenes and witness all the slams, near misses, and pool missions that Jesse handled to make his Juiced part happen.
  • Kevin Braun's "Foam Rollin'" Part

    Kevin Braun's "Foam Rollin'" Part
    Braun has been pounding the Bay Area streets for a few years now, bodying spot after spot. This part goes hard, especially with two legendary Andres on the track.
  • Thunder Juicin' through Oregon

    Thunder Juicin' through Oregon
    Equipped with a quiver of boards, Willis Kimbel and the crew jumped on the road through eastern Oregon hitting abandoned highway passes, dirt tracks, and savage 'crete.
  • OJ Wheels' "Summer Post Card" Video

    OJ Wheels' "Summer Post Card" Video
    Take a look at this Summer Post Card from OJ featuring Kevin Braun, Willis Kimbel, Joe Milazzo and many more rippers.
  • Kicking It with Eric Dressen

    Kicking It with Eric Dressen
    Spend the day with Dressen as he fires up a mini-ramp session with Jason Acuña, cruises through his old stomping grounds and gets his spine back in alignment.
  • Jesse Lindloff's "JUICED" Part

    Jesse Lindloff's "JUICED" Part
    Recent transplant to the LBC area, Jesse Lindloff has wasted no time handling the harsh transitions of a backyard pools and steppin' to some truly heavy rails.
  • Meet OJ's Hungry Ams

    Meet OJ's Hungry Ams
    You've seen the Elite Vol. 2 video, now it's time to meet the dudes behind the rippage.
  • Kicking it with Dolan Stearns

    Kicking it with Dolan Stearns
    Spend the day with Dolan in his hometown as he gives Chase Webb a custom tattoo, dodges the rain and ends up at the ol' bowling alley.
  • Variety’s Vol.2 Video

    Variety’s Vol.2 Video
    The sunshine state has a rich history of producing some of skateboarding’s most epic humans. This offering from the Florida transplants is only adding to the already stellar history of independent videos. Long live the homie video!
  • Michael Pulizzi's "Extended Release" Part

    Michael Pulizzi's "Extended Release" Part
    Pulizzi spins the combo game around and doesn't look back, splicing ledges moves and rails and manuals into his own special potion. Dude is on another level.
  • Pass~Port's Kitsch Box

    Pass~Port's Kitsch Box
    Need more treasures in your life? Check this PASS~PORT Kitsch box which comes with the Kitsch ideo on a gold die struck USB drive, a screen-printed scarf and the box itself which is adorned with a gold foil screen print on its cover. CLA~SSY! 
  • Santa Cruz Oz Tour 2019

    Santa Cruz Oz Tour 2019
    Go down under with the Santa Cruz team as they tour across Australia.
  • Ducky's "Extended Release" Part

    Ducky's "Extended Release" Part
    Modesto’s native lunatic Ducky Kovacs is at it again, attacking the most absurd spots he can find, from nasty kinkers to storage shed drop-ins. Brace yourself...
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    Milton Martinez pops a squeaky-clean kickflip into the Sunset car wash on the cover of December ’19. He first attempted to ollie into it back in 2016 and broke the hell out of his ankle. He returned with one thing on his mind—revenge. It’s all gas and no brakes with this Argentinian. In this issue we take a peek into the mind of Kevin “Spanky” Long—his everlasting search for creativity, his favorite colleagues and everything Baker. Speaking of badass MFers—nothing beats hopping in the car and searching for spots with your partner in crime. Tom Karangelov and Jordan Taylor are the perfect duo to take the streets. One Royale with cheese, please! Gonz draws up the blueprints as the Supreme team demolishes San Francisco. SF’s never been more sweet with the opening of their shop and their new video, Candyland. Welcome to the block. Overseas, Atlantic Drift takes a trip to Russia to find out it’s probably just as sketchy as you think. E-40, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, Blackalicicous plus more in Zounds. We saved the best for last. See you in 2020.