• Happy Holidays from Kyle Walker

    Happy Holidays from Kyle Walker
    Kyle Walker helps Real spread some Holiday cheer in Long Beach.
  • Happy Holidays from Real

    Happy Holidays from Real
    Check Out Ernie Torres, with some help from David Reyes, bringing DLXmas gifts to the kids of Colorado.
  • Ishod Wair Since Day One Part 2

    Ishod Wair Since Day One Part 2
    Ishod goes back to his skate rat days, bleeding all over his first contest, and skating non-stop. Check it out.
  • Ishod Wair Since Day One

    Ishod Wair Since Day One
    Everyone gets their start in skating somewhere. For Ishod, it was a cheap board and a friend's driveway. Check out part 1 to see his early days in this clip from Real.
  • Real Low Pro Construction

    Real Low Pro Construction
    Take a closer look at Real's new Low Pro construction in these videos here.
  • DC x Real Romano Giveaway

    DC x Real Romano Giveaway
    10 lucky winners will get a pair of DC Tonik Mid S x Johnny Romano shoes, and a Johnny Romano Real deck. Enter here.
  • New From Real

    New From Real
    Check out Real's Since Day One Intro Redux in the second drop of their Fall '11 catalog.
  • YES ON A!

    YES ON A!
    Today's the last day to help non-profit charity A.Skate earn a 50k grant from the Pepsi foundation. Vote now on the DLXSF site and become eligible to win a special prize pack from Jim T, which includes original Real and Krooked artwork.
  • A Message From DLX

    A Message From DLX
    Voting for A.Skate is easy. For Jim, reading is not...
  • DLX Demo-Lition Derby Footage

    DLX Demo-Lition Derby Footage
    Dennis Busenitz, Jake Donnelly, Peter Ramondetta, Mike Anderson, and more DLX skaters rip the Skatelab in this clip.