• Mystery Symetry

    Mystery Symetry
    The new Mystery Symetry Concave is a mirrored shape with an identical nose and tail. Tom Asta puts the product to the test.
  • The Rookie Commercial

    The Rookie Commercial
    Fallen has a sick new commercial featuring Tom Asta for his shoe, The Rookie.
  • Five Sequences: March 25, 2011

    Five Sequences: March 25, 2011
    Hammeke has five left over sequences from his search for Muska with the Zero team.
  • Asta Board Release Party

    Asta Board Release Party
    Mystery has a bunch of photos from Tom Asta's board release party. Check them out here.
  • Tom Asta Color Theory

    Tom Asta Color Theory
    Mystery just put up Tom Asta's Color Theory part along with an interview and twitter giveaway. Check it out.
  • Asta Knows

    Asta Knows
    Thunder has a new clip with Tom Asta doing kickflip backside nosegrinds.
  • Cole and Asta on PIIQ

    Cole and Asta on PIIQ
    Chris Cole and Tom Asta will now be listening to their music through PIIQ headphones.
  • First Look: Carlin & Asta

    First Look: Carlin & Asta
    Jimmy Carlin and Tom Asta sat down on tour and got a first look at our December 2010 issue.
  • Night Of The Living Shred

    Night Of The Living Shred
    Hammeke went on Zero's Halloween demo tour and came back with this super blog full of photos and sequences.
  • Firing Line: Tom Asta

    Firing Line: Tom Asta
    It's a strange board, but Tom flows together a legit line.