• DLX Interviews Davonte Jolly

    DLX Interviews Davonte Jolly
    Deluxe's T-Huff hops on the line with Jolly to talk stolen gear in SF and capping off GODSPEED in time for Christmas.
  • Daniel Balducci's "JUNGLEGROUNDS" Video

    Daniel Balducci's "JUNGLEGROUNDS" Video
    Daniel Balducci’s ode to Oakland starts with a hard hit at the Courthouse and only ramps up from there. The caveman game is getting psycho...
  • "GODSPEED" by Davonte Jolly

    "GODSPEED" by Davonte Jolly
    Illegal Civ’s Davonte Jolly has outdone himself, pulling off one of the best videos of the year with some of our absolute favorites like Ishod, Tyshawn, Ish and Na-Kel. Midler’s closer at the Carwash is a gift to all skateboarders.
  • Yardsale's "YS 2" Video

    Yardsale's "YS 2" Video
    Despite the UK’s broken bricks, frigid oceans and aggro onlookers, nothing gets in the way of the Yardsale guys’ good time. You have to see that closing tail smack.
  • Bob LaSalle's "Dime" Part

    Bob LaSalle's "Dime" Part
    Slayer of corporate signage, Bob goes after the big guys for Dime with fatty-to-flatty bomb drops and roll ins that’ll make your day. Incredible stuff.
  • Nike SB Japan | CITY POP

    Nike SB Japan | CITY POP
    Yuto and Nike’s Japan squad bang out big rails with power and pop to some synth pop. Perfect match. 
  • "Get Down" Video

    "Get Down" Video
    Nolan Wilson delivers a beauty from the shores of the Puget Sound. Big Love to the homies in Tacoma. 
  • Nick Matlin's "42" Part

    Nick Matlin's "42" Part
    Nick Matlin serves up a course of heavy ledge combos in The Bay for Westside Skateshop. Skateboarding is the Fountain of Youth.
  • Pocket Mag's "MADLIS" Video

    Pocket Mag's "MADLIS" Video
    Marek Zaprazny, Adrian Del Campo and their hype squad light up Lisbon and Madrid’s granite plazas and double stacks for Pocket. Pay attention. 

    Fast and ruthless like the Low Life track itself, Callum Paul, our guy Jack and the Pass~Port team cause a scene in the streets of Oz.
  • ROUGH CUT: John Shanahan's "Cargo Sneaker" Part

    ROUGH CUT: John Shanahan's "Cargo Sneaker" Part
    When motivation runs low, make a bet to eat some cat food to reignite the spark. Shanahan gets the clips without chomping on the Meow Mix.
  • "Phelper's 9 Lives" Comix by Neckface

    "Phelper's 9 Lives" Comix by Neckface
    Jake Phelps swerved the Grim Reaper for decades. His near-death experiences only made him stronger. In a twisted tribute that Jake would have loved, Neckface celebrates some of Phelper's brushes with death.
  • Creature's "25 Years of the Vertical Vampire" Trailer

    Creature's "25 Years of the Vertical Vampire" Trailer
    Lance, Lucero, Burnett and a heavy cast tee up Nav’s new documentary. Peep the preview and set your alarm for the full vid hitting the CreachTube on Thursday.
  • Pretty's "ATL to SF" Video

    Pretty's "ATL to SF" Video
    Shareef Grady and ATL’s Pretty squad bounce from the South to get some at Clipper. Come for the stoke—stay for the roasts.
  • Krooked's "En Cuidad De México" Video

    Krooked's "En Cuidad De México" Video
    Bobby Worrest, Ronnie Sandoval, Manderson and company level bank-filled plazas, blast down spillways and mark up a mega pool in CDMX. Get it straight, watch Krooked.
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    Almost 20 years after Darrell Stanton’s cover, Carlos Ribeiro pays homage and hits Clipper with a switch backside noseblunt, landing square on the front of the February 2021 issue. Crack the back and find another history maker—Alex Midler’s Illegal Civ ender, a backside 270 ollie into the Sunset Carwash. WTF? More IC inside as we chat with Davonte Jolly about his new full-length vid GODSPEED. If the new year’s got you feeling nostalgic, look no further—we dip back into the ‘90s for a photo feature including The Phelper, Carroll, Stranger, Speyer, Hensley, Jovontae, Muska and more legends. Interview-wise, Dominick Walker gets grilled about living in Nyjah’s park, his push to turn pro and teaching the stars (or at least their kids) how to skate. Nick Michel, Henry Gartland and John Worthington all get the Heads treatment and Nora Vasconcellos chats with Ryan Townley about art, being a dog dad and filming for his new Layers part. Need a laugh? Check the Darren Navarrette People I’ve Known feature—the Vertical Vampire’s history goes deep. Finally, for all you music fanatics we’ve got interviews with Mogwai, Thurston Moore, Baptists and more. Start your year off right and plant your face into this issue.