• Follow Jack Curtin

    Follow Jack Curtin
    Jack Curtin will be hiding sets of Ventures across the country. Follow him on Twitter to find out where he put them.
  • Jack Curtin's Venture Ad & Interview

    Jack Curtin's Venture Ad & Interview
    Jack Curtin gets interviewed by Venture team riders. Check out the video interview, Jack's newest ad, and enter for a chance to win some free trucks.  
  • Venture Torey Colorway

    Venture Torey Colorway
    Venture just released this limited edition Torey Puwill colorway. Only 200 made and they come with a pair of DVS laces.
  • Venture Summer Shirts

    Venture Summer Shirts
    Check out Venture's new Summer t-shirt collection and enter to win a shirt.
  • Follow Torey and Win

    Follow Torey and Win
    Follow Torey Pudwill on Twitter to find out where he'll be hiding some Venture trucks.
  • Big Bang

    Big Bang
    T-Puds gets interviewed by his fellow team riders on the Venture site. Check it out and learn how easy it is to win a free set of trucks.

    Venture trucks revamped their website, got some brand new golden goods, and are giving you the opportunity to design their next truck.
  • Sierra Talks Venture

    Sierra Talks Venture
    Sierra Fellers gives a little show and tell regarding his choice of trucks.
  • Awake

    Pat Duffy has been on Venture for really long time. This video explains how and why, with a few new tricks from the legend himself.
  • Venture x LRG

    Venture x LRG
    Jack Curtin talks about growing up in Indonesia, having Chico owe him money, and getting advice from Stevie in this Venture interview promoting a truck collab with LRG.