• Chapo and Friends

    Chapo and Friends
    Vox has a clip of their am Bryant Chap and friends skating an indoor park on a rainy day.
  • Bachinsky on Vox

    Bachinsky on Vox
    It's official: Vox is proud to announce that Dave Bachinsky is now a part of their team.
  • Duffy On Vox

    Duffy On Vox
    Vox footwear welcomes the legendary Pat Duffy to their team. Yo Duffy!
  • Vox Welcomes Ryan Smith

    Vox Welcomes Ryan Smith
    Vox proudly welcomes Ryan Smith to their skate team.
  • Springfield, Missouri

    Springfield, Missouri
    The Vox team rolled into Springfield, Missouri with Drehobl, Surrey, Aultz, and Watkins for a shop signing and a demo
  • Vox Launch Ramp Demo

    Vox Launch Ramp Demo
    Vox and Pacific Drive had a launch ramp demo—the catch being that the Vox team was judging it.
  • Vox Euro-Trashed Tour 4

    Vox Euro-Trashed Tour 4
    The fourth part of the Vox Euro-Trashed tour with Emmanuel Guzman and David Gravette.
  • Vox Trashed Tour: Germany

    Vox Trashed Tour: Germany
    Vox's Euro Trash tour continues into Germany with Guzman and Gravette.
  • Vox Trashed Tour: Portugal

    Vox Trashed Tour: Portugal
    Part 2 of Emmanuel Guzman and David Gravette's Euro-Trash Vox tour.
  • Vox Trashed Tour

    Vox Trashed Tour
    Vox's two man Trash Tour featuring Emmanuel Guzman and David Gravette-look out Portugal!