• Ryan Lay's "Fetish" Part

    Ryan Lay's "Fetish" Part
    One of the best nollies in the game and a deep bag of tricks, Ryan comes through with a hell of a part, and an even more hellish ender.
  • Welcome's "Fetish" Teaser

    Welcome's "Fetish" Teaser
    Starting Monday we’ll be showing selected parts from Welcome’s new video Fetish, before premiering the whole shebang on Friday.
  • Meet the Welcome Team

    Meet the Welcome Team
    Welcome's Fetish vid is about to seduce your senses. Until then, find out who's in the crew, where they're from, who's got the hottest dance moves and much, much more.
  • Welcome's "Fetish" DVD Pre-Order

    Welcome's "Fetish" DVD Pre-Order
    Let romance ensnare your heart with Welcome’s first full length video “Fetish”. Available to pre-order now and shipping January 16.
  • Firing Line: Welcome

    Firing Line: Welcome
    The Welcome warlocks know there's power in numbers. Rick Fabro, Daniel Vargas and Ryan Townley conjure up a concrete trifecta for the Skate Gods. Three really is the magic number.
  • Welcome Webisode 13

    Welcome Webisode 13
    Check out some random Fall footage from the Welcome gents.
  • Welcome Webisode 12

    Welcome Webisode 12
    Daniel Vargas, Roman Pabich, Rick Fabro, Nora Vasconcellos and Karl Berglind hit some parks in this new webisode from Welcome.
  • Welcome Webisode 11: Jason Salillas

    Welcome Webisode 11: Jason Salillas
    Welcome invites you to soak up Jason Salillas' southern charms on a skateboard.
  • Welcome's 2016 Holiday Catalog

    Welcome's 2016 Holiday Catalog
    Welcome has some new stuff for you to buy for the holidays, check out their catalog.
  • Welcome Webisode 10: Aaron Goure

    Welcome Webisode 10: Aaron Goure
    Aaron Goure cruising for chicks at the local AZ parks for Welcome. Check it out.