Milton Martinez on Weed and Money

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Photo: Rhino 


You ever make a weed pipe out of tinfoil?
No, I don’t think so.

Do you own a glass bong?
No, what is that?

You know, like Cheech & Chong.
No, I don’t.

What about blunts?
Not really.


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You roll cigarettes?
I roll spliffs. That’s the only thing I smoke.

Give me your top-three favorite fast food spots in The States.
In-N-Out, Thin Crust pizza from Dominoes and El Torazo Taqueria here in Long Beach. I like to make my own food when I can. It’s cheaper and better.

How do you like Long Beach?
It’s pretty nice. I don’t have a car at the moment, so that’s hard, you know, being a skater. Dave Hoang, my filmer buddy, lives upstairs so we chill. That’s pretty nice.

You ever skate with Ron Chatman in Long Beach?
I don’t think so.

You will soon. How long have you lived there?
Eleven or 12 months.

Is it hard for you to get a driver’s license here?
No. I already have a license from Argentina, so I can go to the DMV and get one with my passport. It’s pretty easy, I think.


Milton 1 750pxFrontside flip Heddings’ hip. Keep it in the family     Photo: Rhino

What did you do for work back in Argentina?
I’ve been making money from skating since I was 16. That’s pretty much how I’ve always made my money.

So you made cash at contests and shit?
I was doing contests in Europe, then getting sponsored by Red Bull.

But Creature gives you a cut right?
Yeah, just started getting money from Creature this year.

Damn right. You earned every cent.
Yeah, I’m stoked.

How did your dad put you to work as a kid?
Well, my dad has a skate shop. My whole family is involved in skateboarding. My Mom owns a skate shop too.

Did you work at the skate shops at all?
Nah, not really. I told you, like, I’ve been really lucky. My mom and dad made whatever they could to help me to travel. I was 16 when I started to get paid from Red Bull, so I never really had to work at the shop. I was happy to travel and skate.

You’re a natural born killer. Always in the field or “trenches” as Truman would say.
Yeah, for sure. Skateboarding is what I’ve been trying to do forever.

Milton 2 750pxKinker nosegrind back home     Photo: Mercado

Shit, you’re working right now. This is just the tip of the iceberg for you. You’re a lifer. Creature has plenty of work for you to do. Yeah, you got hurt going to war, man, but you’re back at it. We seen you in Tampa ripping! 
How was that?
That was pretty fun, actually. I’ve been going to Tampa since I was 16-17 years old. It was my birthday, too, so it was fuckin’ rad.

Did you go to Al’s birthday party last week?
No. He had a birthday party?

No, he didn’t invite me.

Oh that’s fucked up. Must have been just rock stars and DJs.
Yeah, must have been a VIP party then.

Yes. Very Important Partanen! When was the last time you drove past Sunset 
Car Wash?
I went back with my brother. I was still on crutches. Fuck. It’s still there.

Fuck it. You’re past the mend. You think you’ll try it again?
Yeah, when I have 100-percent confidence. I know I can try it, for sure. I’m down to just keep skating. Don’t think about it, just go there and fuckin’ do it.

I’ve seen you conquer many gnarly situations and there will be gnarlier too. I think you know that. That’s just your level of skateboarding. Much respect, man. Glad you’re out there killing it again.
I’m stoked to have a little part in the video, just to be in the video. And stoked to go to the Premiere in San Diego and Santa Cruz. I’m stoked to be part of Creature. Everything: the crew, the video—it’s sick!


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Hefty spider wallride     Photo: Rhino

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