VOTE! Hall of Meat 2014 Poll

It's human nature. Car crash, escalator accident, trampoline fail, we just can't look away... which is why we love Hall of Meat. Here we take a look at 10 of the most heinous hits from 2014. Vote for your favorites before the polls close on Tuesday.

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Ivy Martin


Shorty Lives 


Raney Beres


Pablo Groll @pablogroll


Tommy vid by @alex_b_dalton


Clint Walker


Julian Dunaux @juliandunaux


Paul Hart


John Pankus


Milton Martinez



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  • Hall Of Meat: Roberto Jimenez

    Hall Of Meat: Roberto Jimenez
    Roberto Jimenez' backflip 50-50 was borderline crazy. This double backflip attempt is straight up psychopath status.
  • Hall Of Meat: Jacopo Toniolo

    Hall Of Meat: Jacopo Toniolo
    Hey, you'd make strange noises too if your back caught the edge of a stair like this. There's "No, no, no" escape!
  • Hall Of Meat: Aldrin Garcia

    Hall Of Meat: Aldrin Garcia
    Aldrin Garcia's toes lose a battle with some weak electromagnetic forces. Someone mop that floor with a soda or somethin.'