510 Skateshop's "Treasure Island Fundraiser" Photos

When the recent craze for the Travis Scott Dunks bombarded and shut down their normal lottery for shoe releases, the owners of 510 Skateshop, Jerry and Dandy, came up with an idea to keep the crowd at bay while also doing some good for the local scene. When all was said and done, the Berkeley shop made the single largest cash donation to the Treasure Island DIY—over $30,000! They sold raffle tickets for 20 bucks a pop, and rather than pocketing the extra cash raised, they paid it forward to the park. Want a pair of the hottest kicks? Buy a raffle ticket. Didn't win? Your money still goes to something good. That’s a win-win. After celebrating its third year in operation, the park now has a boost to help with additions and maintenance for at least a few more to come. Check the photos to see how we celebrated with the beautiful beneficiary of these funds. —Dylan Christopher

Photos by: James Givens

1 510 SHOP HOODIE GIVENS MAR2020 2000pxJumping right in, let’s give a big round of applause for 510 and its crew for pulling this thing off

2 510 SKATE SHOP FUNDRAISER GROUP 2 GIVENS MAR2020 2000pxThe 510 Dream Team. Wonder how many hoodies you have to sell to make that kind of cash

3 510 SKATE SHOP FUNDRAISER GROUP GIVENS MAR2020 2000pxThere’s gonna be an extension right… there

4DANDY CHECK GIVENS MAR2020 2000pxDandy says all checks must be this tall to enter

5DANDY CONNOR TED SIMON ELAD GIVENS MAR2020 2000pxLocking down the dough and locing out with some of the best in the Bay Area

6ELAD JOSH MATLOCK GIVENS MAR2020 2000pxElad and Josh probably trying to get some measurements for the additions

7GABE TREASURE ISLAND GIVENS MAR2020 2000pxThree in the books with many more to come

8JOSH MATLOCK PORTRAIT GIVENS MAR2020 2000pxJosh takes in another bright, beautiful day on the Island

11TI LANDSCAPE 1 2000pxLet’s breathe in the park as it stands now

15TI LANDSCAPE 14 2000pxIf you build it, they will come

19TI LANDSCAPE 4 2000pxAnd then through some serious labor and ingenuity they will also throw $30k your way to keep the magic alive

12TI LANDSCAPE 10 2000pxWe miss ‘em every day. You know they’re loving every hang up and hammer that goes down on these walls

13TI LANDSCAPE 11 2000pxDon’t tell the BMX bros there’s a concrete double on the Island

27TI LANDSCAPE VERTICAL 3 2000pxSkate at your own risk and watch out for wet ‘crete

28TI LANDSCAPE VERTICAL 4 2000pxIf you can’t Keep It Rolling, you can at least help insulate the park

9Teddy Seeley Kickflip TI Givens MAR2020 sharpenedOh yeah, we almost forgot to skate! Teddy Seeley kicks things off by flipping the hip

10TEDDY SEELEY NOSESLIDE FAKIE TI GIVENS MAR2020 2000pxAnd when he’s not completely annihilating rainbow rails, he likes to catch a rare quaterpipe noseslide

29TYLER CHEW BSTS TI GIVENS MAR2020 2000pxTyler Chew looks mean in green hitting a back tail under a matching light pole

30TYLER CHEW GIVENS MAR2020 2000pxAnd he eats fruit? Guess he stays lean in green too

That’s it for now. We’ll be back at the park in the near future for many more sessions to come. Thank you again and again, Jerry, Dandy and the rest of the 510 Skateshop crew for trying something outside the box and giving back at the same time. Thank you also to the folks at Nike SB and everyone who participated in the raffle.
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