6th Street Shutdown Photos

We shut down the alley next to our shop with our friends from Atlas and adidas. Big Love to everyone that came out.


66 6th St Ching 2 750pxThe Beat Junkie turned people into bean junkies with coffee provided by Killer Coffee

66 6th St Ching 3 750pxThose Killer Coffee stickers look familiar…

66 6th St Ching 5 750pxJake Donnelly rests against an ancient box while hanging with Silas Baxter-Neal and Jack Fardell outside of Atlas before the festivities

66 6th St Ching 8 750pxA man from across the Atlantic, Paul Shier, drifts into a conversation with SBN and Jake Donnelly about how good it feels to wear cargos again

66 6th St Ching 9 750pxGive me my coffee, Chico

66 6th St Ching 10 750pxChico and Paul raise a donut to SF

66 6th St Ching 13 750pxAtlas head honchos Patrick Beaudouin, Ryen Motzek and Mike Manidis taking a quick break from having the weight of the world on their shoulders

66 6th St Ching 15 750pxEMB royalty, Karl Watson and Chico Brenes, reunited

66 6th St Ching 17 750pxYou can’t pass a perfectly crusty DIY spot and not expect Jack Fardell to get a back tail on it

66 6th St Ching 20 750pxBART might be the worst travel accommodations Silas, Suciu, Jake and Jack have ever had on an adidas trip

66 6th St Ching 21 750pxSuciu and Silas enjoying a moment of silence before the madness begins

66 6th St Ching 23 750pxWhich way is 6th Street?

66 6th St Ching 24 750pxAs long as the ear buds are in, Gary Rogers doesn’t have to listen to the rules of the bike lane

66 6th St Ching 26 750pxOur guy Lui Elliot frontside ollies over the bench while at “work”

66 6th St Ching 28 750pxThought Fardell didn’t have front tails too?

66 6th St Ching 30 750pxSBN, BST, SF, CA

66 6th St Ching 33 750pxTony Manfre and Mophono on the turntables

66 6th St Ching 35 750pxAtlas Mike getting in on some of that sweet front tail action too

66 6th St Ching 39 750pxBusenitz is here and he’s got the beer!

66 6th St Ching 46 750pxJeff Carlyle plants a vert move on a bank spot

66 6th St Ching 47 750pxKevin Braun came through with the smoothest front blunt to fakie

66 6th St Ching 48 750pxJeff, how many times do we have to tell you? Banks are supposed to make the tricks easier! Bank-to-barrier back lip, most difficult

66 6th St Ching 50 750pxWith his earbuds in, Gary couldn’t tell how loud he was calling out the skate infractions. SF residents can still hear an echoing, “You already did that!”

66 6th St Ching 51 750pxThe kids are alright. So is Eli Williams flying coast to coast blindside

66 6th St Ching 54 750pxLooks like the beers are on Jack tonight

66 6th St Robles 1 750pxSactown’s techest: Brandon Burdine, Miika Adamov, Miles Silvas and James Wright

66 6th St Robles 4 750pxLil’ Dre and Tony V get photobombed by a roller skater

66 6th St Robles 5 750pxThe hype station

66 6th St Robles 6 750pxSix Newell Reunion: Steamer and Alden

66 6th St Robles 7 750pxMiles Silvas, Desmond Billie, Gary Rogers and Tafari Whitter wondering why Pete Eldridge doesn’t have his foot on his tail

66 6th St Robles 8 750pxPatriot or Russian troll?

66 6th St Robles 11 750pxLui and Gary can’t resist a good product-toss pit

66 6th St Robles 13 750pxBusenitz already murdered the real China banks so he showed some mercy and stayed on his bike at the event

66 6th St Robles 14 750pxYou already know Karl was hyped

66 6th St Robles 18 750pxGary killed it with the MC duties and trick enforcement

66 6th St Robles 19 750pxRyen Motzek and Gary settle up with Jonathan Perez for his hard work. Yeah, Jon!

66 6th St Robles 25 750pxEnough cash to buy a set of AirPods

66 6th St Robles 27 750pxJack going alley-oop for a crispy C-Note. It was in the bag once he saw Gary holding the hundo

66 6th St Robles 33 750pxBackside blunt onto the barrier? If you’re Suciu, why the hell not!

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