SOTY Party 2023 Photos

Once the decision is made, the only thing left is one big ol’ bash in The City to cap the year off right. Karl Watson came through for the official handoff along with a host of A-listers from Primitive, adidas and our home turf. Sean G and Larry June handled the evening's tunes. Couldn’t get in the door? Catch it all here. Thanks, Skullcandy and New Belgium Voodoo Ranger for the assist. —Ted Schmitz

Photos by Joe Brook, Atiba Jefferson and Dan Zaslavsky

001 SOTY Party 2023 line soty 2023 brook 2000First fuzzy visions of the evening, and the line’s down the block

002 SOTY Party 2023 hongry trujillo jeff henderson toad soty 2023 brook 2000Let’s see who we got outside. Hongry with a SOTY and company is a good start

003 SOTY Party 2023 jeff davis louie wife soty 2023 brook 2000Louie’s crewie too

004 SOTY Party 2023 ravers soty 2023 brook 2000Gamers? Ravers? What’s the difference?! We’re glad to have ‘em

005 SOTY Party 2023 jascha muller busenitzs silas soty 2023 brook 2000Heavy adidas lineup: Jascha, the Busenitzs and our second SOTY of the night Silas Baxter-Neal

006 SOTY Party 2023 manfree gf soty 2023 brook 2000Manfre’s track made it into Miles’ part, so of course he rolled up

007 SOTY Party 2023 silvas fam soty 2023 brook 2000Fuck yeah, we got the family of the hour

008 SOTY Party 2023 silvas bros wife soty 2023 brook 2000There HE is, with even more family! 

009 SOTY Party 2023 johnathan perez gf soty 2023 brook 2000Not by blood, but brother in the streets Jahn Perez came with fiancé Maiah

010 SOTY Party 2023 joe stalin sf supreme neck soty 2023 brook 2000This line keeps hittin’ with 80’s Joe and Nasty Neck 

011 SOTY Party 2023 DSC7148 soty 2023 brook 2000Emphasis on the GREAT! Thanks for hosting our little shindig

012 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 3656 DZ 2000Inside the building we got our events guys Jerome and Dylan, checkin' boards and givin' out some SOTY merch or Skullcandys

013 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 3659 DZ 2000On the stage we have Sean G and the biggest watermark you’ve ever seen

014 SOTY Party 2023 DSC7404 soty 2023 brook 2000The full effect

015 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 6807 2000SOTY in The Bay?! Gary would rather die than miss it

016 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 6810 2000Icons of the field, Jeff Kendall and Deandre Thebpanya

017 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 6811 2000Legends at max capacity! Elissa and Reese on the scene

018 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 6812 2000Models be modeling or something like that. Nico’s tight

019 SOTY Party 2023 cullen soty 2023 brook 2000Leather boots, horns, beard-and-bic combo—yeah, the guys from Hatchets for Hands filled the heavy-metal quota quick

020 SOTY Party 2023 trujillos soty 2023 brook 2000BAD SHIT in the booth!

021 SOTY Party 2023 random girls soty 2023 brook 2000Slay, queens!

022 SOTY Party 2023 mcclung brother robert neal soty 2023 brook 2000Primitive fam represent!

023 SOTY Party 2023 lil dre shier soty 2023 brook 2000Two from the three stripes, Dre and Shier

024 SOTY Party 2023 eben atiba gx pizzle soty 2023 brook 2000Eben with some men of the lens

025 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 6818 2000Cheers, boys

026 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 6821 2000Louie’s in!

027 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 6850 2000Jack’s back with Brandon

028 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 6869 2000And Brandon’s got hella homies

029 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 6876 2000Sippin’ but never slippin’, Neck's got friends too

030 SOTY Party 2023 bayarea kids soty 2023 brook 2000Free Skullcandy buds for the buds

031 SOTY Party 2023 sacto heads soty 2023 brook 2000We’re packin’ the place quick

032 SOTY Party 2023 trujillos arco gf tony v soty 2023 brook 2000Bad Shit’s back with Arco and the Big Boss

033 SOTY Party 2023 gut peabody soty 2023 brook 2000Peabody brought the Old Man. You fuckin’ bet he’s still watchin’ tonight

034 SOTY Party 2023 sallys friends soty 2023 brook 2000Red and black everywhere. Was there a Niners game on or some shit?

035 SOTY Party 2023 lauren riggins husband soty 2023 brook 2000Laura Riggins and her company know the rules

036 SOTY Party 2023 poobert gf soty 2023 brook 2000Poobert’s got two SOTY parts under his belt. Arielle can vouch 

037 SOTY Party 2023 nathan judd hertlzler pailes rodrigez soty 2023 brook 2000Serious SAC Town presence

038 SOTY Party 2023 shier joey abarca matt milligan soty 2023 brook 2000The brains of the operation! Or cogs in the system, I don’t actually know their job titles. Either way, all of them work for adidas. Paul Shier, Joey Abarca and Matt Milligan

039 SOTY Party 2023 luke derrick tony v friends soty 2023 brook 2000Yes, we are in San Francisco. How could you tell?

040 SOTY Party 2023 sucui joey abarca soty 2023 brook 2000Mark made the long trek from Saratoga just for this. What a guy!

041 SOTY Party 2023 jim gary soty 2023 brook 2000Titans of the YAY Area. You think Jim fucks with Mac Dre? Who knows. He fucks with Gary, for sure

042 SOTY Party 2023 DSC03986 2000Once Gary gets the dance floor started…

043 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 3678 DZ 2000…the place is packed in seconds. What power

044 SOTY Party 2023 DSC03968 2000A world in turmoil; we could all use some peace these days

045 SOTY Party 2023 farkus rye soty 2023 brook 2000Farkus and Rye know

046 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 6816 2000So do these guys

047 SOTY Party 2023 marcel shrewgy soty 2023 brook 2000Marcel Turner and Shrewgy knew too

048 SOTY Party 2023 jessie van roechoudt odell soty 2023 brook 2000Jessie Van and Patrick O’Dell, apostles of the PMA gospel

049 SOTY Party 2023 kamal d farkus soty 2023 brook 2000Upside down, but we get it

050 SOTY Party 2023 watson field shier soty 2023 brook 2000Peace from the Pier locals: Karl Watson, Matt Field and Paul Shier

051 SOTY Party 2023 DSC03985 2000Tory and Tony mixin’ peace with pointers

052 SOTY Party 2023 gary poobert alan soty 2023 brook 2000Gary, Justin, Alán and Slimeballfrank keep that vibe alive

053 SOTY Party 2023 atiba duffer soty 2023 brook 2000Now we’re almost docking pointers

054 SOTY Party 2023 3 matts soty 2023 brook 2000Young Grasshoppers Matt Field, Matt Rodriguez and Matt Pailes en pointe

055 SOTY Party 2023 jim soty 2023 brook 2000This is literally the only picture I’ve ever seen where Jim isn’t pointing. But I know he’s down for Adelaide

056 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 3664 DZ 2000Jeff Henderson brings one back for O’Dell

057 SOTY Party 2023 clarence peabody kamal fatty mac chilean soty 2023 brook 2000Alright, this crew’s gotta get it together

058 SOTY Party 2023 DSC04018 2000Solid blend with Tony, Miles, Richard and Clay

059 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 1076 DZ 2000Opio and Jamie held ‘em up strong

060 SOTY Party 2023 DSC03975 2000What a place to end a stale joke. Congrats, you two!

061 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 6819 2000I just meant we’re over the pointers. Now it’s time to watch the birds! Let’s open the aviary here

062 SOTY Party 2023 SF heads soty 2023 brook 2000Shit, that’s just his move

063 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0205 DZ 2000My boy’s got two for you!

064 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 3663 DZ 2000Neck’s got one for Elissa’s broken wing

065 SOTY Party 2023 DSC04030 2000Thanks, Dre. Anders, Jascha and Karl ain’t that kinda tough. Enough with the hand gesture bit. Let’s see if any of the High Speed family’s here yet

066 SOTY Party 2023 DSC03978 2000Damn, first T. We got social boys Jack and Lui with my boss Cole and Sally. Ariel is soon-to-be literal family of Jackson, so I think she counts too

067 SOTY Party 2023 DSC03979 2000Every blog's gotta have some free feet, included here with man leg

068 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 3675 DZ 2000Sorry, I got distracted. We’re back on track with video guys Bublitz and Beres

069 SOTY Party 2023 bubs schmitty soty 2023 brook 2000Bublitz knows Schmitty too. We’re a tight team

070 SOTY Party 2023 DSC03982 2000“Oh, Captain, my Captain!” I like to imagine Jackson and Lui think of Tony like John Keating in Dead Poets Society. Maybe that just comes to mind ‘cause he remade the Robin Williams Think hat

071 SOTY Party 2023 DSC03984 2000Our shop guru Ian is the most responsible one in the building

072 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 6877 2000Need ripping design work? Too bad. Get your own Donta and Adam

073 SOTY Party 2023 DSC03996 2000Our friends from earlier found our resident tech god Nick!

074 SOTY Party 2023 DSC03993 2000Kirk from Deluxe catches up with ad man Eben Sterling

075 SOTY Party 2023 DSC04003 2000Ted Barrow and Brendan Bill. Should we end the roll call with the talent behind This Old Ledge?!

076 SOTY Party 2023 DSC04023 2000No! Philly’s finest Brian Panebianco and Oakland Courthouse killer Doug Waitrovich were there too

077 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0207 DZ 2000One of these people is Maddie our music editor and what I assume are some of her many friends. If you say I used that joke last year, I’m just gonna call you a cop. So fuck off

078 SOTY Party 2023 maddie neck burnett soty 2023 brook 2000Rhino, Maddie, Neck and Burnett get one last flick before we get down to official business

079 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0214 DZ 2000Excuse me, Lui, I just said Burndog’s got business

080 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0227 DZ 2000Thanks for the encouragement, Gary

081 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0219 DZ 2000The happiest night of the year! See you on stage

082 SOTY Party 2023 DSC7428 soty 2023 brook 2000This one goes out to every kid who moved to San Francisco to try their luck! What an intro from the man who’s said it all

083 SOTY Party 2023 DSC7437 soty 2023 brook 2000And who better to present Rusty than SF Legend and the guy who opened the door to the industry for Miles?

084 SOTY Party 2023 DSC7455 soty 2023 brook 2000From the first contest sighting to a pro board and now the only award that matters, Karl’s always there for it

085 SOTY Party 2023 DSC7457 soty 2023 brook 2000Heavier than you think

086 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0391 DZ 2000It’s all love tonight

087 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 6867 2000Well-deserved spotlight

088 SOTY Party 2023 DSC04064 2000Yes, the best way to experience any life-changing moment

089 SOTY Party 2023 DSC7538 soty 2023 brook 2000"No man is an island. It takes a village." They’re clichés ‘cause they’re true. Miles wouldn’t be up here without a solid foundation and the Silvas family got it

090 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0542 DZ 2000What a sight

091 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0576 DZ 2000Lotta talent in that clan

092 SOTY Party 2023 DSC7561 soty 2023 brook 2000My team thorough

093 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0618 DZ 2000Now one with the crowd!

094 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0672 DZ 2000Think this one’s goin’ on the mantel?

095 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0755 DZ 2000Set in stone

096 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0805 DZ 2000The part of the night where people get handsy with Rusty

097 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0911 DZ 2000It’s cool for mom and dad

098 SOTY Party 2023 DSC7658 soty 2023 brook 2000Closin’ out with a BANG! Larry June takes the mic

099 SOTY Party 2023 DSC8481 soty 2023 brook 2000Bird up

100 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0878 DZ 2000Game recognize game

101 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0865 DZ 2000Sure, three more, but that’s it!

102 SOTY Party 2023 DZA 0945 DZ 2000Gary can’t take anymore!

103 SOTY Party 2023 IMG 3651 DZ 2000Goodnight, everyone. Always good to remember it’s a celebration more than a contest. Miles gave it all he got and we’re all lucky we get to witness. Give the man his flowers if you see him in the streets, which more than likely will be tomorrow
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