Brad Cromer's Shoe Release Party

Brad Cromer's shoe is out! Huf threw a bash at Black in LA last night to celebrate. Congrats on the shoe Brad! You earned the fuck out of it buddy! —David Broach


001 Cromer drinking to his new shoe Here come the big bucks

Cromer drinking to his new shoe—here come the big bucks!


002 Brads family flew out from Flordia for the big bash

Brad's family flew out from Florida for the big bash


003 Bravo and Donnelly

Bravo and Donnelly


004 Free booze at served up all night at Black Thank you weeed socks

Free booze served up all night at Black. Thank you weed socks!


005 Daniel Wheatley with all the babes

Daniel Wheatley with all the babes


006 Tyler Bledsoe w the Mackey

Tyler Bledsoe with the Mackey


007 Janderson and Manderson. Mikes little brother isnt so little anymore

J.Anderson and M.Anderson—Mike's little brother isn't so little anymore


007 Eric Valdez and Trevor Colden

Eric Valdez and Trevor Colden


009 couple of legends Mike and Pepper

Couple of legends: O'Meally and Pepper


010 Ventura came down to party

Ventura came down to party


011 Pretty ladies make Mike mad give Bravo gas

Pretty ladies make Mike mad and give Bravo gas


012 No bloging boundries with the one and only Huf filmer Marty

No blog boundaries with the one and only Huf filmer, Marty


013 Important dude photo number 13. Josh the Huf and Kevin

Important dude photo number 13: Josh, Keith and Kevin


014 Dude in background

Dude in background


015 Doughunt Tug and Bob Free top shelf boose and these idots are driking buds

Doughnut, Tug, and Bob. Free top shelf booze and these idiots are drinking Budweiser


016 Atiba or Ako with a furry calamari

Teebs with Furry Calamari


017 The first round of Oklahomies. Ramondetta and Nuge

The first round of Oklahomies: Ramondetta and Nuge


018 See what free drinks do

See what free drinks do

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