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Hewitt's Birthday at Nude Bowl


No place like the Nude Bowl for a Birthday Bash. Peter and Germ’s Bday’s are within a few days of each other, some good friends made the trek to Palm Springs to drink some cold ones, camp, bbq and skate. Epic Times from dusk til dawn.



all photos: Rhino


Hewitt with a high speed 5.0 thru the shallow pocket



HBD Germ



Auby's car broke down, but didn't stop him from having a good time



Pabich brothers: pool destroyers and fire starters



Cedrich Pabich blasts a frontside air



Tom Remillard FSO—check that graphic



Eddie Alioto crailslide over the box



Josh Nelson, Twista, and GT holding it down



Tom standin up over the shallow stairs



Al Partanen locked and loaded





Chris Cope switching it up in the shallow



First trip to the Nude, Roman Pabich fast plant



Chris Cope, invert



Heavy crew

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