Chandler Burton's "Castle Freak" Premiere Photos

A tight crew of friends and fans smashed into Burger She Wrote in LA to get a first glimpse of Big Nakie’s new pro part for THERE. Hammers and hamburgers, what could be better?!

THERE CB PAPKE 1An eager group of burger and skate fans patiently waited for festivities to start on Sunset Boulevard

THERE CB PAPKE 2Food this good always has a line, luckily we were immediately greeted by the Colbourns, Conor Charleson and Manny Lopez

THERE CB PAPKE 3Shortly followed by the man of the night!

THERE CB PAPKE 4Straight to signing autographs, as it should be for pro skaters in 2023

THERE CB PAPKE 5If Corey’s on the scene, we’re gettin’ a Glick flick

THERE CB PAPKE 6Fellow THERE skateboards pro Kien came out to support

THERE CB PAPKE 7Everyone’s favorite loudmouth New Yorker brought the family. Always good to see you, Reda

THERE CB PAPKE 10Matt King and Kyle Siedler, two of Illinois' most prolific masterlensmen, love a good premiere. If you haven't seen Nagajoose, you’re welcome

THERE CB PAPKE 11Maybe best of all, we got fucking Orange Man there

THERE CB PAPKE 12And the burgers started coming out

THERE CB PAPKE 13Just when I thought mine was gnarly, I was quickly one up’d

THERE CB PAPKE 14Dylan Christoper took the night off and was there strictly as a fan, joined here by Grant Hatfield

THERE CB PAPKE 15And while we might have missed part of the premiere, we still got to enjoy fucked-up good food and great times with awesome friends, and that’s what this shit is all about. Now, go watch Chandler’s part. Thanks for having us, everyone!
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