Clay’s Big Day

A rainy day Combi sesh was the perfect excuse to get the Madness team together. Weiss had everyone meet at The Corner bakery next to the park for a “team meeting” and you can guess where it went from there.

1Weiss, Grosso and the calm before the storm—during the storm

2Clay Kreiner was the first to show up

3“Combi is over there, right?“ 

4Then the sudden influx of bros

5 Trey Wood and Alex Perelson

6 First order of business…

7 Clay didn’t have a clue

8 Ahhhhh

9 Finally starting to sink in

10 Josh Stafford and Jimmy Wilkins made the drive up for the surprise

11 1Congrats, Clay!

12 Welcome to the pro ranks

13 You’ve definitely earned it. Hugs all around

14 Pat, Lance and Salba heard the news from Grosso and had to come see for themselves

15 “Is this textured paint? An embossed board? How’d you do it?”

16Quick group photo out front

17Time to make this news public

18Instantly flooded with FaceTimes

19A quick beer with Gregson, then it was time to hit the Combi

20 Omar sighting in the parking lot. Never know who’s going to be at the Vans park on a rainy day

21Shit! Forgot about the waivers

22Finally, airtime! 

23Clay tweaks a grasser into the finger

24Trey Wood, egg in the square

25Alex blasts a lien in the circle

26Fardell took his nosegrind tailgrab into the shallow

27Clay with the ol’ heelflip money grab.

28You know Omar was hyped on that one. Congrats again, Clay!