Converse Cons' "Purple" Premiere Photos

Converse premiered their first full-length video, Purple, last night. They decided to break the obligatory status-quo of premiering their video at a huge Los Angeles theatre and opted for a more intimate venue in the East Village of New York City. It was a beautiful night with hungry eyes ready to feast upon the video featuring the likes of Louie Lopez, Sean Pablo, Jason Jessee and many more. For those of you who were not fortunate enough to catch the premiere, we had Mac Shafer cover the event with all of your favorite skaters. Also, when you get a chance to watch the video, remember this: Jake Johnson. —Lui Elliott

Photos and captions by Mac Shariff

01 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxWho says skaters are always late? The crowd gathered early for this one


02 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxAlways something to see on the streets of NYC


03 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxWhat we’ve all been waiting for


04 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxFrank and Frecks chillin’


05 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxTheories crew on deck


06 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxMasterlensmen Ryan and William


07 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxThe line stacked up quick!


08 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxEveryone was stoked to see the vid


09 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxMark and Mark (Goldman and Suciu)


10 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750px“Do you think there are any tickets left?”


11 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750px“What up, Tyshawn?”

12 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxAntonio’s here. Good vibes all around


13 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxEli and friends


14 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxGX crew rolling deep, per usual


15 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxNot bad, eh? An epic NYC theatre


16 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxDowntown legends right here




18 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxPretty much sums it up

19 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxHappy birthday, Caddo. Not a bad way to celebrate


20 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxA lot of hard work and dedication from the people behind the scenes

21 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxLee Berman and Russ Pope giving thanks


22 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxKenny and Waylon


23 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxNY Legends Todd Jordan and Zered Bassett, still killing it


24 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxSammy, Yonnie and Frecks

25 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxPep Kim and Aaron Herrington taking on the NYC crust

26 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxTeam work right here! Al Davis and Lee Berman


27 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxBig ups to the Village East Cinema for having us


29 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxJake Johnson ripped—Frankie Spears approves

30 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxProps all around! Al, Dela, Kenny, Lee, y’all killed it

31 CONVERSE PURPLE PREMIERE 750pxWell done, guys! Check out Purple on on May 7th. It will only be on the site for 72 hours, so don’t sleep on it!

  • Ugly Vision: Cons Cali Vacation

    Ugly Vision: Cons Cali Vacation
    With the premiere of Purple, Converse took a couple of guys on a demo trip down the Western Coast, from Sacramento all the way down to Long Beach. Needless to say, it was more of a victory vacation than actual work.
  • Louie Lopez's "Purple" Part

    Louie Lopez's "Purple" Part
    He’s been good since he was a toddler, but Louie Lopez has grown to be one of the best skateboarders on the planet in the past few years, and this Purple part is a window into Louie’s world. Looks like a damn fine place to live if you ask us.
  • Louie Lopez Interview

    Louie Lopez Interview
    Louie Lopez talks about SOTY tactics, breaking his arm five times, weed-laced gummy bears and filming for Purple. Turn up the Bhad Bhabie and dig in.
  • Jake Johnson's "Purple" Part

    Jake Johnson's "Purple" Part
    Every Jake Johnson clip is solid gold, so consider this part a billion dollar treasure. There’s only one JJ.
  • Kevin Rodrigues’ “Purple” Part

    Kevin Rodrigues’ “Purple” Part
    Style can’t be taught, nor can it be bought, and this Converse CONS "Purple" part oozes originality and personality. And how about those Duffel cameos?!
  • Magnified: Sammy Baca

    Magnified: Sammy Baca
    This wouldn’t even be considered a spot to most people, but most people aren’t Sammy Baca! This noseblunt slide from the June ’18 issue is pure beast mode. In crust we trust.
  • Fatback: Converse Cons in Baltimore

    Fatback: Converse Cons in Baltimore
    Cons gets that down-and-dirty Fatback treatment on an East Coast adventure. A diamond in the rough is still a diamond, homie.
  • Firing Line: Louie Lopez

    Firing Line: Louie Lopez
    Downtime after Purple? Nah, nah. Louie Lopez always gots more juice! The marble looks pretty slick but Louie’s even smoother.
  • Converse Cons' "Purple" Premiere Photos

    Converse Cons' "Purple" Premiere Photos
    Converse premiered their first full-length video, Purple, last night. For those of you who were not fortunate enough to catch the premiere, we had Mac Shafer cover the event with all of your favorite skaters.