Break Free and Super Skate Posse in Oakland Recap

First Fridays in Oakland go off and the last one of 2021 really burned it down. Break Free Skateshop teamed up with Oakland OG K-Dubs and the nonprofit Super Skate Posse for an epic weekend of music, skating and good vibes. The Posse's mission is to remove the cost barrier of entry to the mental health benefits of skateboarding for children in underserved communities. Friday night kicked off with a free show at Eli’s Mile High Club for the Oakland scene, hosted by rising comedian Alex Nicholas, followed by performances from Tommy Guerrero and capped off with a set by Break Free co-owner Big Hongry. Saturday was a day to give back to the community to get the next generation skating. In all, Break Free and The Posse gave out 100 Real and Antihero completes, 100 pairs of Vans, 100 Pro-Tec helmets as well as limited-edition Break Free crewnecks made by the main sponsor of the event—Russell Athletic. The Skate Like A Girl crew was also on hand along with Rob’s Academy to provide free skate lessons, which will continue at Town Park in the spring and summer. Scroll through to see the beauty of skateboarding and community. —Chris Nieratko

DSC 3328 DZThe Skate Like A Girl crew rolled deep to make sure all 100 kids had a special first experience with skating

DSC 3340 DZK-Dubs is triple OG. He created Hood Games, Town Park and is a former art teacher who had a mini ramp in his class at Oakland High

DSC 3358 DZBreak Free co-owner Raney Beres hands out the Pro-Tection

DSC 3359 DZSuper Skate Posse co-founder Adaku Ibekwe sizing kids up with Vans

DSC 3366 DZThe Skate Like A Girl crew had tailored lessons for all skill levels

DSC 3367 DZFunny man and rising comedian Alex Nicholas with the custom Break Free X Russell joints

DSC 3392 DZJustin Henry bringing world peace to Oakland

DSC 3393 DZRob’s Academy instructors represented hard

DSC 3396 DZKids got laced up!

DSC 3398 DZSkate Like A Girl beginner's lessons on the basketball court

DSC 3401 DZSupport your local skateshop

DSC 3412 DZFirst try, no biggie

DSC 3416 DZPretty sure it wasn’t his first time on a board

DSC 3425 DZProbably eyeing up the bump to bar

DSC 3437 DZAir time!

DSC 3442 DZMaxallure's Karl Watson rolled through

DSC 3454 DZAbsolute legends, Clyde Singleton and Jim Thiebaud soaking it in

DSC 3466 DZDLX setups for the whole clique

DSC 3467 DZClyde goes ATV

DSC 3478 DZPosse in effect!

SSS FRONTFLIP 750Jersey’s finest Nemo DeBevoise flips out over Oakland’s tight-knit scene

DSC 3485 DZThe locals have Town Park dialed

DSC 3493 DZJustin Henry shows Little Man how to noseblunt

DSC 3497 DZThen Little Man showed everyone how to kickflip

DSC 3515 DZChristian Henry, Beatrice Domond, Big Hongry and Schmitty taking in the vibes

DSC 3519 DZLaid back

DSC 3540 DZSmiles for days

DSC 3661 DZDominick Walker spent most of the day giving the kids one-on-one lessons. We'd say he's qualified

DSC 3906 DZClyde and BA: 48 Hours in Oakland

DSC 3511 DZDon't bet against the future. Peace, everyone! Next Posse stop—Sixth Ave Skateshop in Nashville for Skateshop Day

Big thanks to all who came out and showed love. Video recap coming soon, but in the meantime follow The Posse on Instagram here
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